City of Poplar Bluff, MO
Butler County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — As to electricity, ch. 520; as to housing, ch. 515; as to manufactured homes, §§405.120 et seq.; as to zoning regulations, ch. 405; as to subdivision regulations, ch. 410; as to plumbing, ch. 525; as to streets and sidewalks, ch. 510; as to swimming pools, §§500.180 et seq.; as to utilities, Title VII; as to housing board of adjustment, §§515.640 et seq.; as to building standards board, §§505.170 et seq.; as to license fee for house movers, §605.040.
State Law Reference — Regulation and control of construction of buildings, §77.500, RSMo.
Article I Adoption of Building Code — Building Permits

Section 500.010 Adopted.

Section 500.020 Issuance of Permit Restricted.

Section 500.030 Permit Fee.

Section 500.035 Violation and Penalty.

Article II Electrical Code

Section 500.040 Adoption.

Section 500.050 Variation.

Section 500.055 Violation and Penalty.

Article III Plumbing Code

Section 500.060 Adoption.

Section 500.065 Violation and Penalty.

Article IV HVACR Code

Section 500.070 Adoption.

Section 500.075 Violation and Penalty.

Article V Fire Code

Section 500.080 Adoption.

Section 500.085 Violation and Penalty.

Article VI General Building Regulations

Section 500.090 Earthquake and Seismic Design Requirements.

Article VII Moving of Buildings

Section 500.100 City Planner Authorized to Issue Permit.

Section 500.110 Prerequisites for Issuance of Permit.

Section 500.120 Transportation of Building to Be Under Supervision of Street Department Superintendent.

Section 500.130 Building Not to Be Moved to Location Where Intended Use Is Prohibited.

Section 500.140 Building Required to Be Inspected at New Location Before Being Used.

Section 500.150 Approval of Building Inspector Required Before Connection to Utilities.

Section 500.160 Transportation of Building Relative to Traffic Regulations.

Section 500.170 Moving of Overhead Lines or Wires to Facilitate Transportation of Building.

Article VIII Swimming Pools

Section 500.180 Permit Required.

Section 500.190 Fence Required.

Section 500.200 Plumbing Generally.

Section 500.210 Discharge of Wastewater.