City of Pevely, MO
Jefferson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The provisions of this Title prohibiting the standing or parking of a vehicle shall apply at all times or at those times herein specified or as indicated on official signs except when it is necessary to stop a vehicle to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the directions of a Police Officer or official traffic control device.
The provisions of this Title imposing a time limit on parking shall not relieve any person from the duty to observe other and more restrictive provisions prohibiting or limiting the stopping, standing or parking of vehicles in specified places or at specified times.
When signs are erected giving notice thereof, no person shall park a vehicle at any time upon any of the streets described by ordinance.
When signs are erected in each block giving notice thereof, no person shall park a vehicle between the hours specified by ordinance of any day except Sunday and public holidays within the districts or upon any of the streets described by ordinance.
When signs are erected in each block giving notice thereof, no person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle between the hours specified by ordinance of any day except Sundays and public holidays within the district or upon any of the streets described by ordinance.
Whenever by this Title or any ordinance of the City any parking time limit is imposed or parking is prohibited on designated streets, it shall be the duty of the City Traffic Engineer to erect appropriate signs giving notice thereof and no such regulations shall be effective unless said signs are erected and in place at the time of any alleged offense.
In cases where an equally direct and convenient alternate route is provided, an ordinance may describe and signs may be erected giving notice thereof that no persons shall operate any commercial vehicle upon streets or parts of streets so described except those commercial vehicles making deliveries thereon.
[R.O. 2004 §380.080; CC 1990 §380.080; Ord. No. 718 §I, 7-18-1991]
No commercial motor vehicle having a licensed gross weight in excess of twelve thousand (12,000) pounds nor any tractor or tractor-trailer truck unit, recreational vehicle, trailer, camping or recreational equipment shall be parked on any street within a residential district for more than two (2) consecutive hours between the hours of 7:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M. of any day nor for any period of more than two (2) consecutive hours, except in an emergency. A vehicular portable structure designed to carry and support a boat of sufficient size to warrant the necessity of a trailer to transport it shall be considered a boat trailer.
[R.O. §205.120; Ord. No. 716 §§1 — 6, 4-1-1991]
Whenever there has been an accumulation of snow of two (2) inches or more or ice or freezing rain in any amount within the City of Pevely, there shall be no parking on any part of any street within the City until the snow, ice or freezing rain has been cleared to such a point as to permit movement on the street of emergency vehicles, including police cars, fire trucks and ambulances. It shall be the duty of the Chief of Police to declare an "emergency" when there has been such accumulation.
Nothing herein shall preclude any person charged with violation of this Section from defending said charge on the ground that such person was unable to park in any adjoining property by reason of the snow or ice condition or for lack of space thereon, including within the driveway or garage, if any.
The Chief of Police may, upon proper application, allow variances from the no parking requirement for specific cars owned by residents in the event of hardship.
The City shall cause to be posted throughout the City and at the entrance and exits thereof signs notifying the public of this Section in substantially the following language: "Snow Route-Ordinance No. 716" and, further, at least once during the months of October and December of each year shall mail to the residents of the City a notice briefly stating the requirements of this Section and shall cause a copy of same to be posted at the City Hall and in at least two (2) other public places within the City.
The Chief of Police, or any member of his/her department designated by him/her, is hereby authorized to remove or have removed any vehicle left any place within the City which reasonably appears to be in violation of this Section. Such vehicle shall be impounded and towed until lawfully claimed. Such transportation and storage shall be at the expense of the owner or person in custody of the vehicle. The person entitled to possession may redeem such property within thirty (30) days by payment to the City of the actual costs of its removal and a reasonable storage fee. If the vehicle is unredeemed after the expiration of the thirty (30) day period, the Chief of Police may sell it to the highest bidder or, if it has no sale value, may otherwise dispose of it. Any money received from the disposal of any such vehicle shall be applied to the expenses charged to the owner or person in charge therefor.
Any person violating the provisions of this Section shall be deemed guilty of violation upon conviction thereof and shall be subject to the penalties provided for City ordinances, provided however, that the fine for the first (1st) offense shall not exceed twenty-five dollars ($25.00).