City of Ellisville, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 3187 §1, 11-5-2014]
The purpose of this Article is to outline and describe the process for a condominium or condominium building conversion declaration and platting. A condominium declaration and plat is required for the approval of any condominium plat. This streamlined process applies to all applications for condominium consideration or conversion that do not require any dedications to the City, public improvements, or condominium projects where improvements have already been approved as part of a separate subdivision or site plan approval.
[Ord. No. 3187 §1, 11-5-2014]
Whenever a condominium declaration and plat or condominium building conversion is proposed, the applicant shall apply for and secure approval of a condominium plat or condominium building conversion plat, in accordance with the following procedure.
Staff procedure.
All applications for a Condominium Plat Approval shall first be reviewed by staff as per the Staff Procedure set forth in Article III of this Chapter.
Staff will verify that the new development complies with all applicable codes and is being constructed in accordance to approved plans. Any improvement required as part of new development shall be previously approved (via approval of a subdivision plat or site plan) prior to the submission of an application for a condominium plat approval. Additionally, all improvements required must be either fully installed or guaranteed by a cash deposit or construction bond, as per the requirements of this Chapter.
For owners of existing buildings desiring to convert to condominium ownership, the following procedure will apply: Prior to or concurrent with the submittal of an application for condominium building conversion plat approval, the applicant must have the subject building inspected by the Building Inspector. The Building Inspector shall conduct an inspection to verify that the existing structure is in compliance with applicable codes and ordinances. If not in compliance, all violations must be corrected prior to City Council consideration. Compliance with applicable codes is limited to the same code requirements as those required for an occupancy permit after a change in occupancy or ownership.
City Council procedure — condominium and condominium building conversion plat approvals. The City Council will consider condominium plats as per the City Council procedure set forth in Article III of this Chapter.