Borough of Ramsey, NJ
Bergen County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The provisions of Chapter VI "Boarding Homes For Children" of the New Jersey Sanitary Code will be enforced.
[1972 Code § 231.001A]
No person shall conduct or maintain a boarding home for children without a license first having been obtained therefor from the board covering all the premises to be so used.
[1972 Code § 231.001B]
Every application for a license shall be in writing and it shall contain a full description of the premises and buildings intended to be used for such purpose, the qualifications and training of the person or persons in charge and satisfactory proof that each person residing in the licensed premises, or otherwise employed thereat, is free from communicable disease.
[1972 Code § 231.001C]
Every license issued under this section shall state the name of the licensee, location of the licensed premises and the maximum number of children that may be maintained, boarded or cared for at any one time.
[1972 Code § 231.002]
The following regulations apply to the conduct or maintenance of boarding homes for children:
The premises shall, at all times, be attended by one or more competent adult persons.
All rooms shall be above street level, well lighted and sufficiently ventilated by windows opening to the outer air.
[1972 Code § 231.003]
Every person who conducts or who is in actual charge of a boarding home for children shall keep, or cause to be kept, a record wherein there shall be entered the name, age, sex, color and religion of every child cared for by such person or establishment, together with the names and addresses of each of the parents of the child, the name and address of the person placing the child in such boarding home, the name of every child who dies while in such person's care, together with the date and the cause of death, the name and residence of the person who removes the child. This entry shall be made within 24 hours after such child is given out, taken away or disposed of in any manner.
All records required shall be accessible to the health officer of the Board, or its representative, or to the representative of the State Department of Health, for his examination, at any time.
[1972 Code § 231.004]
In addition to the right to revoke any license contained in other provisions of this Code or any license granted under this chapter, the Board may revoke a license for misstatement of material facts in the application, or upon the failure of the licensee to furnish proof to the Board that the licensee has deposited a surety bond of $1,000 with the State Department of Institutions and Agencies for each child boarded or to be boarded from outside of the State of New Jersey, or upon the failure of the licensee to permit inspection of the licensed premises or records by the employee of the Board.
[1972 Code § 231.006]
No normal child shall be boarded in any home where any member of the family appears to be mentally deficient or where there is a mentally deficient child.