Borough of Indiana, PA
Indiana County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The following items shall be included in the SWM site plan:
Appropriate sections of the Borough's Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance,[1] and other applicable local ordinances, shall be followed in preparing the SWM site plans.
Editor's Note: See Ch. 405, Subdivision and Land Development.
The municipality shall not approve any SWM site plan that is deficient in meeting the requirements of this chapter. At its sole discretion and in accordance with this article, when a SWM site plan is found to be deficient, the municipality may either disapprove the submission and require a resubmission or, in the case of minor deficiencies, the municipality may accept submission of modifications.
Provisions for permanent access or maintenance easements for all physical SWM BMPs, such as ponds and infiltration structures, as necessary to implement the operation and maintenance (O&M) plan discussed in Subsection E(9) below.
The following signature block for the municipality.
(Municipal official or designee), on this date (Signature date), has reviewed and hereby certifies that the SWM site plan meets all design standards and criteria of the Municipal Ordinance No. 2017-04."
The SWM site plan shall provide the following information:
The overall stormwater management concept for the project.
A determination of site conditions in accordance with the BMP Manual.[2] A detailed site evaluation shall be completed for projects proposed in areas of carbonate geology or karst topography, and other environmentally sensitive areas, such as brownfields.
Editor's Note: See § 395-40C.
Stormwater runoff design computations and documentation as specified in this chapter, or as otherwise necessary to demonstrate that the maximum practicable measures have been taken to meet the requirements of this chapter, including the recommendations and general requirements in § 395-13.
Expected project time schedule.
A soil erosion and sediment control plan, where applicable, as prepared for and submitted to the approval authority.
The effect of the project (in terms of runoff volumes, water quality, and peak flows) on surrounding properties and aquatic features and on any existing stormwater conveyance system that may be affected by the project.
Plan, profile, and detail drawings of all SWM BMPs, including drainage structures, pipes, open channels, and swales. Drainage design shall conform to the criteria herein and the Borough details.
SWM site plan shall show the locations of existing and proposed on-lot wastewater facilities and water supply wells.
The SWM site plan shall include an O&M plan for all existing and proposed physical stormwater management facilities. This plan shall address long-term ownership and responsibilities for O&M as well as schedules and costs for O&M activities.
Three copies of the SWM site plan shall be submitted as follows:
Two copies to the Municipal Engineer (when applicable).
One copy to the County Conservation District.
SWM site plans shall be reviewed by the municipality for consistency with the provisions of this chapter.
The municipality shall notify the applicant in writing within 45 days whether the SWM site plan is approved or disapproved. If the SWM site plan involves a Subdivision and land development plan, the notification shall occur within the time period allowed by the Municipalities Planning Code[1] (90 days). If a longer notification period is provided by other statute, regulation, or ordinance, the applicant will be so notified by the municipality.
Editor's Note: See 53 P.S. § 10101 et seq.
If the municipality disapproves the SWM site plan, the municipality will state the reasons for the disapproval in writing. The municipality also may approve the SWM site plan with conditions and, if so, shall provide the acceptable conditions for approval in writing.
A modification to a submitted SWM site plan that involves a change in SWM BMPs or techniques, or that involves the relocation or redesign of SWM BMPs, or that is necessary because soil or other conditions are not as stated on the SWM site plan as determined by the municipality shall require a resubmission of the modified SWM site plan in accordance with this article.
A disapproved SWM site plan may be resubmitted, with the revisions addressing the municipality's concerns, to the municipality in accordance with this article. The applicable review fee must accompany a resubmission of a disapproved SWM site plan.
The municipality's approval of a SWM site plan authorizes the regulated activities contained in the SWM site plan for a maximum term of validity of five years following the date of approval. The municipality may specify a term of validity shorter than five years in the approval for any specific SWM site plan. Terms of validity shall commence on the date the municipality signs the approval for a SWM site plan. If an approved SWM site plan is not completed according to § 395-26 within the term of validity, then the municipality may consider the SWM site plan disapproved and may revoke any and all permits. SWM site plans that are considered disapproved by the municipality shall be resubmitted in accordance with § 395-24 of this chapter.
The developer shall be responsible for providing three copies of as-built plans, illustrating all SWM BMPs included in the approved SWM site plan. The as-built plans and an explanation of any discrepancies with the construction plans shall be submitted to the municipality.
The as-built submission shall include a certification of completion signed by a qualified professional verifying that all permanent SWM BMPs have been constructed according to the approved plans and specifications. The latitude and longitude coordinates for all permanent SWM BMPs must also be submitted, at the central location of the BMPs. If any licensed qualified professionals contributed to the construction plans, then a licensed qualified professional must sign the completion certificate.
After receipt of the completion certification by the municipality, the municipality may conduct a final inspection.