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Township of Saddle Brook, NJ
Bergen County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Committee (now the Township Council) of the Township of Saddle Brook 12-26-1956 as Ord. No. 435. Section 117-4 amended at time of adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, General Provisions. Other amendments noted where applicable.]
No person shall engage in the business of conducting or operating a migrant labor camp in the Township of Saddle Brook without first having applied for and obtained from the Township of Saddle Brook a license to do so. No such license shall be issued to any person who has been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude, nor shall any such license be issued to any corporation in which any stockholder holding ten percent (10%) or more of any of the stock thereof or in which any director or officer shall have been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude.
Each applicant for such license shall make written application on forms provided and supplied by the Township Council, setting forth:
The full name, residence and post office address of the applicant.
The exact location of the proposed licensed premises, giving the street address and the block and lot numbers as shown on the Tax Assessment Map of the township, and the exact dimensions of the lands upon which the business is to be conducted.
A description of the buildings, structures and accommodations upon said lands, including a statement of the maximum number of persons who can be accommodated at any given time, a description of the character of said buildings or structures as to size, type of construction and whether or not the same are fireproof, and a description of automobile parking space and facilities.
The name and address of the owner of said lands and buildings.
The name and address of the person upon whom process may be served.
A detailed description of the register or system used for the registration of persons to whom accommodations are extended.
Whether the applicant or any partner thereof or any stockholder holding ten percent (10%) or more of the stock thereof or any director or officer thereof has ever been convicted of any crime, and if so, the details thereof, including, with respect to each conviction, the name of the person convicted, the date thereof, the nature of the crime, the court in which the conviction was entered and the punishment imposed.
In the case of corporate applicants, the names and residences of all stockholders holding ten percent (10%) or more of any stock of the corporation, the names and residences of all members of the board of directors of the corporation and the names and residences of all officers of the corporation and the office held by each.
Each application shall be made in triplicate and shall be signed and sworn to by the applicant and presented to the Township Clerk, together with a certified or bank check or cash in the amount of the license fee hereinafter provided.
The Township Clerk shall forthwith forward said application to the Division of Health and to the Fire Chief of the Township of Saddle Brook, who shall inspect the premises to determine whether or not they comply with the health and fire ordinances and regulations. If the premises do not comply therewith, said officers shall attach to said application a written statement setting forth in detail said noncompliance and return the same to the Township Clerk, who shall return it to the applicant. If the premises do comply, said officers shall attach to the application their certificates of approval. The Township Clerk shall present said application, thus approved, to the Township Council, which shall thereupon cause to be made such further investigation of the premises and of the information set forth in the application as the Council may deem necessary and shall, on the basis of said investigation and application, determine whether or not such license shall be granted.
The annual fee for said license is hereby fixed and determined as one thousand dollars ($1,000.).
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, General Provisions.
Any license issued under the provisions of this chapter shall be for a term of one (1) year, commencing the first day of January of each year and expiring the 31st day of December of that year. No license fee shall be apportioned, regardless of the date on which such license may be issued. Each license shall be valid only for the applicant to whom it is issued. All licenses shall be displayed at a prominent place on the licensed premises. Any change in any of the information set forth in the application during the term of the license shall forthwith be communicated by the licensee in writing to the Township Clerk.
Each licensee shall at all times cause to be maintained on the licensed premises a register, consisting of a permanently bound volume of consecutively numbered pages. Each licensee shall submit to the Chief of Police of the Township of Saddle Brook said register, and the Chief of Police shall endorse the flyleaf thereof with the words "Official Register" followed by the name of the licensee, the date of endorsement and the signature of the Chief. In the event of the absence or disability of the Chief, the endorsement shall be made by the Acting Chief or by such other person as the Township Council may hereafter direct. No registration hereinafter required to be made shall be made in any register other than the Official Register endorsed as aforesaid unless and until said Official Register shall have been completely filled. Each such register, upon being filled, shall be preserved for not less than six (6) years upon the licensed premises, and a new register, endorsed as aforesaid, shall thereupon be used for subsequent registration.
No person shall occupy or use, visit, dwell or reside in said premises, and no licensee shall permit any person to occupy or use, visit, dwell or reside in said premises, unless such person shall first write in the Official Register, immediately following the preceding registration, in ink and in his or her own handwriting, his or her full and true name and address.
In addition to the foregoing information the licensee shall cause to be written into the Official Register, in ink, the date and hour of registration, the signature of the person taking or accepting the registration and the hour when the person quits or leaves the premises.
A separate registration shall be made for each day, notwithstanding the fact that the residence of any person is continuous.
The Official Register shall be kept and preserved by the licensee and shall be available on request at any hour of the day or night to any police officer of the Township of Saddle Brook.
It shall be the duty of the Police Department of the Township of Saddle Brook to inspect the licensed premises from time to time at any hour of the day or night to determine that the provisions of this chapter are being complied with.
The terms used in this chapter are hereby defined as follows:
One (1) or more tents, vehicles, buildings or structures, together with a tract of land appertaining thereto, used as living quarters by five (5) or more seasonal, temporary or migrant workers directly or indirectly in connection with any work or place where work is being performed, whether or not rent is paid or reserved in connection with the use or occupancy of such premises.
[Amended 2-26-1957 by Ord. No. 436]
Any person, individual, firm, association, partnership or corporation.
Shall not include any person who is or shall have been a resident of this state and who has had or shall have had his year-round dwelling place in this state for one (1) year or longer and who dwells in said year-round dwelling place while engaging in any seasonal or temporary work.
Any license issued under this chapter may be revoked or suspended for any violation of this chapter, after due notice of the charges and a hearing by the Township Council at which the licensee shall be afforded full opportunity to be heard.
Any person violating any of the terms and provisions of this chapter shall, upon conviction thereof, be subject to a fine not exceeding two hundred dollars ($200.) or imprisonment in the county jail for a term not exceeding ninety (90) days, or both, for each offense, in the discretion of the court.