Town of Union, NY
Broome County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Union 2-5-1969 by L.L. No. 1-1969. Amendments noted where applicable.]
[Amended 2-1-1978 by L.L. No. 3-1978; 5-3-1984 by L.L. No. 7-1984]
It shall be unlawful for any person to stop, fill up, confine, pave, allow obstructions to accumulate or otherwise interfere with or change the course of any drain, ditch, stream or watercourse in the Town of Union without first obtaining from the Director of Services or other authorized Town official a permit authorizing such work to be performed, and no drain, ditch, stream or watercourse shall be stopped, filled up, confined, paved or otherwise interfered with or the course thereof changed except in strict accordance with the terms and conditions of such permit and the plans and specifications submitted therewith. All permits shall comply with the regulations set forth in Chapter 205, Zoning, Article IX, Floodplain Management FPM District.
The application for a permit shall be in a form prescribed by the Town of Union and accompanied by plans and specifications prepared by a duly licensed engineer or surveyor. The plans and specifications shall show the exact nature of the work to be performed, the course, structure and capacity of all drains, streams and watercourses, the method of drainage of the adjacent or contiguous territory and any other necessary information and explanatory details required by the Director of Services.
The application and plans and specifications shall be filed in triplicate with the Director of Services, who may specify alterations, changes or modifications in the plans and specifications which he deems necessary and may refuse a permit until such alterations, changes and modifications have been made. If the Director of Services shall disapprove the plans and specifications submitted and refuse a permit, the reasons therefor will be set forth in writing and given to the applicant, within 30 days after filing, who may, within 30 days thereafter, appeal to the Town Board in writing. The Town Board may call a public hearing and decide such appeal at its next regular meeting.
The Town Engineer shall be notified at least 24 hours in advance of the commencement of the work in order that provision may be made for proper inspection thereof. Samples of material and every reasonable facility for ascertaining whether the work is in conformity with the provisions of this chapter shall be furnished to the Town Engineer as he may require.
A fee as set from time to time by resolution of the Town Board shall be paid to the Town when the application is filed, and the owner shall also pay the actual cost of any material tests and reimburse the Town for necessary inspection at the rate as set from time to time by resolution of the Town Board for each hour or portion thereof a Town inspector is engaged on the work.
Any person violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be liable, on conviction thereof, to a fine not exceeding $250 or imprisonment for not more than 15 days, or both, for each and every offense, and when any person shall have been notified by the Director of Services or by service of a summons in a prosecution or any other way that he is committing a violation of this chapter, each day in which the violation is continued after such notification shall constitute a separate offense punishable by like penalty.
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I).