City of Roseville, MI
Macomb County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of Roseville 2-28-1984 by Ord. No. 895 as Ch. 12 of the 1984 Code. Other amendments noted where applicable.]
Elective and appointive officers — See Ch. 4.
Administrative service — See Ch. 7.
Employee retirement system — See Ch. 15.
Civil service for police officers and fire fighters — See Ch. 16.
City civil service system — See Ch. 17.
The general purpose of this chapter is to establish a system of personnel administration based on merit principles and scientific methods governing the appointment, promotion, transfer, layoff, removal and discipline of its city employees, except as hereinafter specified.
All appointments and promotions to positions in the city's classified service, except as hereinafter provided, shall be made on the basis of merit and fitness, to be ascertained by competitive examinations.
There is hereby established a Department of Personnel for the purpose of administering the personnel matters as prescribed in this chapter.
The Department of Personnel shall be composed of the following:
An executive officer of the Department who shall be designated as Director of Personnel. Until such time as the Council deems it appropriate to appoint a full time Director of Personnel, the City Manager shall serve in that capacity and/or the Council may retain by contract the services of an administrative personnel consultant to carry out the duties and responsibilities of such position.
[Amended 2-23-1993 by Ord. No. 1030]
Civil Service Board consisting of three electors of the city, to be appointed or elected within 30 days after the effective date of this chapter and to assume office thereafter as appointed or elected and qualified.
One member shall be appointed by the City Council to serve for three years; one member shall be elected by the city employees, other than the employees of the Police and Fire Departments, to serve for two years; and the remaining member shall be a citizen of the city having the qualifications required of elective officers by this chapter, who is not a city officer or employee. He or she shall be appointed by the other two members of the Board, to serve for one year. No elective official of the city shall be eligible for the Civil Service Board during his term of office. Thereafter members of the Civil Service Board shall be appointed or elected as above set forth to serve for three years or until their successors have been appointed or elected and have qualified. The vote for the member of the Civil Service Board chosen by the employees shall be by ballot, which shall be marked and counted in accordance with the provisions of law regarding the marking and counting of ballots used in the election of members of the City Council. Members of the Board shall serve without compensation and shall not hold any other public office, serve on any political committee or take part in the management of any political campaign. The Council may remove any member of the Board for malfeasance or misfeasance in office, after written notice, and the member shall have the right of a public hearing within 30 days after such notice of removal. Any vacancy created in the membership of the Board shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as the person who left the Board to create such vacancy was chosen. Vacancies must be filled within 30 days.
The members of the Civil Service Board shall qualify by taking the oath of office required by general law. The City Clerk or someone designated by the Clerk shall act as Secretary for the Board. The Secretary shall be custodian of all personnel records and shall be the official upon or with whom all notices, requests for hearing, complaints or other official documents shall be served or filed. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of Board meetings and records of all its proceedings.
The Civil Service Board shall, at its organization meeting, elect a Chair, who shall serve for a term of one year. Two members of the Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, except that, for the purpose of determining eligibility to any position in the city's classified service, any disciplinary action or any release from the employ of the city, three members of the Board must be in attendance. The Civil Service Board shall determine its order of business for the conduct of its meetings. The Board shall be charged with the responsibility of drafting the personnel rules of the city.
The administrative service of the city is hereby divided into two classes:
The unclassified service shall include all officers of the city, including but not limited to the executive officer of the Personnel Department and/or his or her substitute, members of the advisory boards and the members of any board or commission appointed by the Mayor, either with or without confirmation by the Council.
[Amended 2-23-1993 by Ord. No. 1030]
The classified service shall comprise all persons, including department heads, holding positions in all departments of the city when this chapter is adopted, who shall have served in such position for a continuous period of six months or more prior to the adoption of this chapter, and all persons employed by the city who continue in such employment after a continuous probationary period of 90 days.
The Civil Service Board shall have general supervision over the broad problems of administrative policy involved in the personnel matters prescribed in this section, and except for the purpose of inquiry, the Civil Service Board shall deal with the specific technical problems of administration solely through the Director of Personnel. The members of the Civil Service Board shall meet quarterly and on call of the Chair or the Director of Personnel. It shall be the duty of the Civil Service Board to:
Represent the public interest in the improvement of personnel administration in the city service.
Make annual reports and special reports to the Council on the quality and status of personnel administration in the city government and to make recommendations for improvements.
Do any lawful act necessary to effect the purpose of this chapter and the rules promulgated in accordance therewith.
Sit as a body in investigating and hearing personnel appeals of appointing authorities and employees.
Consider such other matters as may be referred to the Board by the Director of Personnel or the Council.
The Director of Personnel shall be the executive officer of the Department of Personnel and shall initiate and direct administrative work. The Director shall:
Attend all regular and special meetings of the Civil Service Board.
Make and may amend rules for promoting efficiency in the classified service of the city and for the appointment, promotion, transfer, layoff, reinstatement, suspension and removal of city officers and employees in such service, but no such rule or amendment shall become effective except by a majority vote of the Civil Service Board at a public meeting, notice of which meeting, together with the context of said rule or amendment, shall be given to all city personnel by posting said notice and rule or amendment in each building where city personnel are employed at least 20 days prior to said meeting. The rules shall provide for:
The standardization and classification of all positions and employments in the classified service of the city, based upon and graded according to duties and responsibilities and so arranged as to promote the filling of the higher grades, so far as practicable, through promotions.
Open competitive tests to ascertain the relative fitness of all appointments in the classified service.
Public notice of the time and place of all competitive tests, at least 30 days in advance thereof, by publication in the official paper of the city and by posting a notice in a conspicuous place in the City Hall and other public buildings.
The creation of eligibility lists upon which shall be entered the names of the successful applicants in the order of their standing in the competitive tests.
The rejection of applicants or eligibles who do not satisfy requirements as to age, sex, physical condition and moral character, or who have attempted deception or fraud in connection with any test or their application thereof.
The certification from the appropriate eligibility list, for filling a vacancy in the classified service, of the name of the applicant of the highest standing on such list.
The rejection by the appointing authority of the person certified for appointment, provided that any person rejected shall have the right of appeal to and hearing before the Civil Service Board.
Temporary employment without test in the absence of an eligible list, but no such temporary employment shall continue after the establishment of a suitable eligibility list nor for more than 90 days.
Temporary employment for transitory work without tests, but such employment shall require the consent of the Civil Service Board in each case and shall not continue for more than 60 days nor be renewed.
Promotion based on competitive tests and upon records of efficiency, character, conduct and seniority.
Transfer from a position to a similar position in the same class and grade.
The immediate reinstatement to his position, at no loss of classification or pay rate, of any person who, without fault or delinquency on his part, is separated from the service or reduced in rank, except where such separation or reduction in rank is caused by normal procedure as set down in the personnel rules or for reasons of economy in the city government.
Suspension for purpose of discipline for not longer than 30 days, and for leaves of absence.
Discharge or reduction in grade and pay of any employee after he or she has been informed in writing, by the person in authority, of the reason for such action, with copies of the written reasons submitted to the Mayor and the Civil Service Board for permanent filing, with the right of the employee to a public hearing before the Civil Service Board.
Maintaining a record of the efficiency of each employee by establishing a service rating system.
Upon announcement of examination or test, there shall be established an application register. Applications for employment by the city shall be upon forms prescribed by the Civil Service Board and must be received not less than 10 days prior to the date of examination.
Tests required by the Civil Service Board shall be practical, shall relate to matters which fairly measure the relative fitness and merit of applicants to discharge the duties of the position which they seek and shall take account of character, training and experience. No question in any test shall relate to political or religious opinions, affiliations or service. No appointment, transfer, layoff, promotion, reduction, suspension or removal shall be affected or influenced by such opinions, affiliations or service. At least 1O days in advance of the date of examination, each applicant, upon the appropriate lists of the application register, shall be notified of such examination by certified mail.
The list of applicants eligible to appointment by reason of civil service tests, with their grades, shall be known as the "register of eligibles." Names of such eligibles shall be arranged in their respective lists in the order of their standings on the test. The name of no person shall remain on the register of eligibles for more than two years without a new application and, if the civil service rules so require, a new test.
When any position in the classified service is to be filled, the appointing authority shall notify the Civil Service Board, which shall promptly certify to such authority the name and address of the highest eligible on the list for the class or grade to which such position belongs.
No person shall be appointed or employed in the classified service of the city under any title not appropriate to the duties to be performed, and no person shall be transferred to or be assigned to perform any duties of a position subject to competitive test, except with the approval of the Civil Service Board and unless as a result of an open competitive test equivalent to that required for the position to be filled or unless he or she shall have served with fidelity for at least two years immediately preceding in a similar position under the city government.
Whenever practicable, vacancies in the classified service shall be filled by promotion, and the civil service rules shall indicate the lines of promotion from each lower to higher grade wherever experience derived in the lower grade tends to qualify for the higher. Lists from which promotions are to be made shall be created as provided by the civil service rules, and the appointment of eligibles therefrom shall be made in the same manner as original appointments.
Persons holding positions in the service of the City of Roseville prior to adoption of this chapter shall automatically retain their positions and will be subject to the provisions of this chapter and the rules and regulations of the Civil Service Board. Employees of any utilities taken over by the city shall be entitled to the same rights as persons appointed under civil service.
From and after the effective date of this chapter, all employee benefits, including pay rates, pensions, seniority, insurance, accumulated sick leave, vacation time and longevity pay benefits of the employees of the City of Roseville, shall be continued without interruption.
No person elected to the City Council shall, during the time for which elected, be appointed to any office or position in the classified service of the city. Any employee of the city who receives a salary or wages from the city who shall become a candidate for nomination or election to any elective office of the city shall immediately forfeit the office or employment held under the classified service of the city. No employee of the city shall be appointed to any board or commission of the city except those specifically approved by this or other sections of this chapter.
In the event that any person who is employed in the classified service of the city shall be appointed to any position in the unclassified service of the city, other than an elective office, he or she shall be granted a leave of absence from the position in the classified service of the city held by him or her, with full rights of returning to such position in the classified service of the city within 60 days after his or her tenure in the unclassified position held by him or her is terminated. In the event of failure to return to such classified position within the said sixty-day period, he or she shall forfeit all rights thereto.
The Civil Service Board shall not adopt any rule, and the Council shall not adopt any ordinance or resolution, which shall deny or limit the right of any employee of the city to appeal to the courts relative to any decision of the Civil Service Board concerning any matter pertaining to his or her employment by the city.