City of Roseville, MI
Macomb County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of Roseville as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Public utility franchises — See Ch. 14.
Gas service franchise — See Ch. A376.
Article I Rate Regulation

§ A380-1 Title.

§ A380-2 Purpose.

§ A380-3 Definitions.

§ A380-4 Adoption of FCC rules and/or regulations.

§ A380-5 Designation of Cable Franchising Authority.

§ A380-6 Compliance by regulated cable operators.

§ A380-7 Submission of existing rate schedule.

§ A380-8 Review of existing rates by Franchising Authority; time limit for approval.

§ A380-9 Regulation of rate increase.

§ A380-10 Review of proposed rate increase by Franchising Authority; time limit for approval.

§ A380-11 Tolling orders.

§ A380-12 Public hearings on rates.

§ A380-13 Public hearing notice.

§ A380-14 Franchising Authority decisions on rates.

§ A380-15 Refund hearing.

§ A380-16 Decisions on refund hearings.

§ A380-17 Notice of Franchising Authority decisions.

§ A380-18 Proprietary information.

§ A380-19 Additional rules and regulations.

§ A380-20 Failure to give notice.

§ A380-21 Additional hearings.

§ A380-22 Additional powers.

§ A380-23 Failure to comply; remedies.

Article II Granting of Franchise

§ A380-24 Title.

§ A380-25 Word usage and definitions.

§ A380-26 Granting of nonexclusive franchise.

§ A380-27 Termination; renewal.

§ A380-28 Compliance with laws and regulations required.

§ A380-29 Company to indemnify city; insurance policies to be carried; application for permit.

§ A380-30 Construction and maintenance of system.

§ A380-31 Construction schedule.

§ A380-32 Extension of service.

§ A380-33 Compliance with standards required.

§ A380-34 Promulgation of rules and regulations.

§ A380-35 Renewal proceedings.

§ A380-36 Approval of transfer required.

§ A380-37 Compliance with FCC rules and regulations required.

§ A380-38 Channel capacity and access.

§ A380-39 Modification of FCC rules.

§ A380-40 Company to assume publication costs.

§ A380-41 Rights of city.

§ A380-42 Prohibited activities.

§ A380-43 Annual payment to city; report.

§ A380-44 Books and records to be kept.

§ A380-45 Local and business office; complaints.

§ A380-46 Transmission of signals from subscriber's premises; use of service without payment unlawful.

§ A380-47 Adoption of additional regulations.

§ A380-48 Receivership or bankruptcy of franchise.

§ A380-49 Program content.

§ A380-50 Discrimination prohibited; affirmative action required.

§ A380-51 Violations and penalties.

Article III Renewal of Franchise

§ A380-52 Renewal granted.

§ A380-53 Franchise fee.

§ A380-54 Rate regulation.

§ A380-55 Grants.

§ A380-56 Early renewal grant.

§ A380-57 Interconnection.

§ A380-58 Renewal expenses.

§ A380-59 Insurance.

§ A380-60 Customer service.

§ A380-61 Performance bond.

§ A380-62 Remedy for franchise violation.

§ A380-63 Miscellaneous consideration.