City of Albany, NY
Albany County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
There shall be published daily, Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays excepted, by the City, a paper to be known as the "City Record" which shall be the official paper of the City.
All advertising required to be done by or for the City, except as otherwise specifically provided by law, and all notices required by law to be published in public or daily or official papers, so-called, shall be inserted only in the City Record at public expense, and a publication therein shall be a sufficient compliance with any law requiring publication of such matters or notices.
Immediately after the adjournment of each meeting of the Common Council, the City Clerk shall prepare for publication in the City Record a summary of all resolutions, ordinances and local laws introduced or passed, all recommendations of committees, all final proceedings and full copies of all messages from the Mayor and all reports of City agencies.
Nothing herein contained shall prevent the publication elsewhere in any other paper of any advertisement required by law to be so published; provided, however, that no such publication in such other paper shall be made unless the same is first authorized by the Common Council for publication therein.
The City Clerk shall be the supervisor of the City Record and he shall cause a continuous series of the City Record to be bound as completed quarterly and to be deposited with his certificate thereon in his office, and copies of the contents of any part of the same, certified by the City Clerk, shall be received in judicial proceedings as prima facie evidence of the truth of the contents thereof.
If the City Record shall be published under contract, then all expenses connected with its publication and distribution, except the salaries of the City Clerk and his assistants, shall be included in the contract for printing.
The Common Council may order the insertion for publication of any ordinance, law, notice, official matter or report in the City Record.
It shall be the duty of the heads of agencies to furnish to the City Clerk all information to be inserted in the City Record.
Copies of the City Record shall be for public circulation and shall be distributed to the several agencies of the City and to such other persons and in such manner as the City Clerk shall direct.
Copies of the City Record shall be made available for public circulation directly or through others and at prices to be fixed by the City Clerk.