Town of Fairfield, CT
Fairfield County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Whenever the Director of Public Works shall make any assessment of benefits under the provisions of No. 268 of the Special Acts of 1921 or any amendment of or substitute for No. 268 of the Special Acts of 1921, he shall provide for the payment of any assessment in such number of substantially equal annual installments, not exceeding 10, as he shall determine and shall provide for interest charges on any deferred payments at such rate of interest as shall be set by the Board of Finance. Any person who may have elected to pay his assessment in more than one installment may make payment at any time in full of the whole or such part of such assessment as still remains unpaid.
Any such installment of an assessment not paid within 30 days of the due date shall thereupon be delinquent and shall be subject to interest from the due date at the same interest rate and in the same manner as provided by the Connecticut General Statutes in the case of delinquent taxes. Interest shall be computed on the entire unpaid balance of the assessment from the due date of the last installment which was paid or from the due date of the assessment if no previous installment has been paid. Each addition of interest shall become and be collectible as a part of such assessment. Whenever any installment of an assessment becomes delinquent, any remaining unpaid installments of such assessment shall also become delinquent, provided that if all past due installments, together with interest and any other charges, have been paid in full, remaining installments may be paid without additional penalty, except for subsequent default, in accordance with the original installment schedule.
No natural accumulation of snow or ice shall be permitted to remain on the sidewalks or hard-surfaced, improved walkways fronting on the property of any property owner, tenant or occupant of the Town for a period in excess of 24 hours after any storm causing or contributing to such accumulation, unless abrasives are applied to reduce slipping.
The Department of Public Works may remove or cause to be removed any such accumulation or apply the necessary abrasives upon failure of the owner, tenant or occupant to do so within the time specified herein. The expense of such removal shall be paid by the Town, but shall be charged to the owner of the property from in front of which the snow or ice was removed. Such charge, if unpaid, shall be a lien upon the premises adjoining such walk upon filing of a certificate of lien, which certificate shall be recorded in the Town Clerk's office within 60 days after the completion of such removal.
No person shall deposit or permit to be deposited any snow or ice on a sidewalk, street, road, highway or other public property. This clause shall apply to the removal of snow and ice from any sidewalk, driveway or private property. No person shall cause ice to form on a sidewalk, street, road, highway or other public property by discharging or allowing water to be discharged from private property.
All accumulations of rubbish on any public sidewalk shall be removed within 24 hours of the accumulation thereof by the person who owns or is in possession of the premises upon which or adjacent to which such sidewalk is located. The Town shall have the right to cause any accumulation of rubbish to be removed from a sidewalk, and the cost thereof shall be a debt to the Town and the person shall be liable to the Town for such removal.
It shall be the duty of the Police Department to see that Article I, § 91-2C and D are duly enforced. Any person found violating the terms of this section shall be fined not more than $99 (or the maximum amount permitted by state law) for each offense. The person to be fined may be the owner of the property, the occupant or the operator of any vehicle or equipment depositing the ice or snow on the sidewalk, street, road, highway or other public property.
Every owner of a residential, commercial or industrial structure in the Town shall affix numbers indicating the building's address of such a size and in such a location on the property that emergency vehicles can identify the address.
Every owner or possessor of land or a sidewalk within the right-of-way of the Town adjoining any street, road, highway or other public property shall cut or mow all bushes, hedges, weeds, thistles and briars growing on the street, road, highway or other public property and the land adjoining the street, road, highway or other public property, upon direction of the Director of Public Works whenever he finds that the existence of the bushes, hedges, weeds, thistles or briars constitute a traffic or fire hazard or a public nuisance. If the owner fails to comply within 10 days after receiving notice from the director of Public Works, the Director of Public Works may perform such work and charge the owner for doing so. Such charge, if unpaid, shall be a lien upon said property upon the filing of a certificate of lien, which certificate shall be recorded in the Town Clerk's Office within 60 days after such work is completed.