City of Cohoes, NY
Albany County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Each application for a taxi owner's license shall be signed and sworn to and shall be made upon forms to be furnished by the Chief of Police. Said application shall contain the following information:
The name, date of birth and residence of the person applying for the license; in the event that the applicant is a partnership or operating under an assumed name, a certified copy of the certificate of partnership or assumed name; in the event that the applicant is a corporation, the names and address of all corporate officers and stockholders.
The number of taxicabs for which the application is made, stating the make, type, year of manufacture, vehicle identification number, passenger seating capacity, a copy of the certificate of insurance for each taxicab and verification of registration for use as a taxicab by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.
Whether the applicant has been convicted of any crimes and, if so, the crime(s) along with the date(s) of conviction.
Whether the applicant is or has been previously licensed as a taxicab operator and, if so, in what jurisdictions.
Whether the applicant currently holds or was the former holder of a taxicab owner's license which has been revoked or suspended and, if so, for what reason.
Any other information deemed necessary by the Chief of Police.
No taxicab owner's license shall be issued to any person who has been convicted of a felony or any sex offense or who the Chief of Police or his designee has found to be not a fit and proper person to be operating a taxicab business in the City of Cohoes. In determining whether or not an applicant is a fit and proper person to operate a taxicab business in the City of Cohoes, consideration shall be placed upon, but not limited to, the answers given by the applicant upon his/her application, the applicant's record as an operator or chauffeur of motor vehicles obtained from the State Department of Motor Vehicles and the applicant's criminal record. A person who is not a fit and proper person to operate a taxicab business is a person whom the Chief of Police has determined he/she cannot issue a taxicab owner's license to and ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the City of Cohoes. The Chief of Police shall not issue a license if any information is omitted from the application or if false information is entered on the application.
Applications for owner's licenses shall be accompanied by fingerprints in accordance with and following the procedure set forth in §§ 258-13 and 258-14.
Each taxicab owner's license shall be personal to the licensee and shall not be transferred by the licensee. A transfer shall include a change in beneficial ownership of more than 25% of the stock of any corporate licensee.
The Chief of Police shall issue a taxicab owner's license to the applicant, provided that the applicant has complied with all the provisions of this chapter. The taxicab owner's license shall list all of the vehicles included in the license. The Chief of Police shall also issue a license for each vehicle listed and approved on the taxicab owner's license application.
Every person must establish ownership of each motor vehicle to be included in the owner's license granted as provided in this chapter before such license shall be granted by the Chief of Police.
No vehicle shall be included on an owner's license nor shall a taxicab vehicle license be issued, reissued or renewed and no taxicab may be operated unless proof is submitted with the application for issuance, reissuance or renewal that it has undergone and passed a New York State inspection by an authorized mechanic.
Every taxicab vehicle license granted in accordance with the requirements of this chapter shall expire either on the 31st day of December of the year in which such license was issued, or on the 30th day of June in the year following the year in which the license was issued. The intent is to establish a term of an owner's license at approximately one year and to stagger the dates when owners' licenses expire. The Chief of Police shall make rules establishing which licenses shall expire on December 31, and which licenses shall expire on June 30, to achieve the intent.
All taxicabs shall be clearly identified or marked on the exteriors as follows: the name of the company, owner or operator and the telephone number.
Editor's Note: Former § 258-9, Bulletproof shield required, was repealed 8-23-2011 by L.L. No. 9-2011.
The Chief of Police shall keep a register or card index of the name of each person owning or operating a taxicab licensed under this chapter, together with the license number and description, make and model of such vehicle. Such record shall be open to the inspection of the public at all reasonable times.