Rappahannock County, VA
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Supervisors of the County of Rappahannock at time of adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I. Amendments noted where applicable.]
[Amended 11-5-2012]
The Rappahannock County Recreational Facilities Authority was established by act of the Board of Supervisors of Rappahannock County on November 2, 1978. See Minute Book 6, pages 21 through 23, for the resolution establishing the Authority and the Articles of Incorporation. The Authority is established pursuant to Chapter 56 of Title 15.2 of the Code of Virginia, the Public Recreational Facilities Authorities Act.[1]
Editor’s Note: See § 15.2-5600 et seq., Code of Virginia.
[Amended 11-5-2012]
The powers of the Authority shall be exercised by a Board appointed by the Board of Supervisors, consisting of nine members, eight of whom shall serve four-year terms and may succeed themselves, and the ninth Board member shall be a member of the Board of Supervisors, or its designee, who shall serve at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors. The names of the Board members and their respective terms of office shall be as shown on a document maintained in the office of the County Administrator, which document is incorporated herein by reference. Terms shall commence on July 1. Successor Board members shall be appointed by resolution of the Board of Supervisors, and no amendment to this chapter shall be required.
Officers and employees of Rappahannock County may serve on the Authority. The Commissioners shall at the first meeting held after July 1 in each year elect one of their number as Chairman and shall likewise elect a Vice Chairman. The Commissioners shall also select a Secretary-Treasurer whose duties may be combined with those of Vice Chairman.
The Authority shall meet as often as may be necessary for the completion of its business, but shall in no case meet less than quarterly. Meetings, other than those regularly scheduled or announced at a prior public meeting, shall be on five (5) days' notice from the Chairman or Vice Chairman. Notice shall also be given to any citizen or newspaper who request to be so informed. All meetings and activities of the Authority shall be subject to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.
The majority of the Commissioners of the Authority shall constitute a quorum, and the vote of the majority of a quorum shall be necessary for any action taken by the Authority. No vacancy in the Commission shall impair the right of a quorum to exercise all the rights and perform all the duties of the Authority. Minutes of all meetings shall be taken and approved.
[Amended 11-5-2012]
In accomplishing its objectives, the Authority shall have those powers granted to it by this chapter, its Articles of Incorporation and as described in the Public Recreational Facilities Authority Act, §§ 15.2-5600 through 15.2-5616 of the Code of Virginia, 1950 (as amended); provided, however, that the Authority shall not undertake any project or activity other than those enumerated in this chapter which requires the sale of bonds or the expenditure of County tax revenues without the approval of the Board of Supervisors. Appropriation of an amount in the County budget for the Authority for a specific project or activity shall constitute approval thereof.
In the conduct of its business, the Authority shall maintain financial records sufficient to justify all purchases, expenditures and transfer of funds. An audit shall be performed each year the Authority conducts business.
The purposes for which the Authority is created are to own, maintain, operate and improve the project known as the Rappahannock Recreation Center located on Route 211 near Washington, Virginia, for the recreational use by all residents of Rappahannock County; to assist, promote and encourage recreational activities throughout Rappahannock County, such as the Fodderstack 10K Race; to undertake such other projects as may be authorized by the Board of Supervisors; and to hold title to property, real and personal, for any of its stated purposes.
The term of the Authority shall be perpetual.[1]
Editor's Note: Former § 47-9, List of Commissioners and terms, which immediately followed, was repealed 11-5-2012.