Town of Groton, MA
Middlesex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Annual Town Meeting of the Town of Groton 2-14-1955 by Art. 24. Amendments noted where applicable.]

§ 116-1 Operation restricted.

No motorboat shall be operated upon any pond or part thereof lying within the Town in a manner which endangers the safety of the public or is detrimental or injurious to the neighborhood or to the value of property therein.

§ 116-2 Evidence of violation.

It shall be evidence of the violation of this chapter if such motorboat is operated by a motor not having underwater exhaust or in a noisy or obnoxious manner or at an unreasonable hour or without slowing down and exercising due caution while approaching and passing persons bathing or other watercraft.

§ 116-3 Lights required at night.

No motorboat shall be operated upon any pond lying within the Town 1/2 hour after sunset and before 1/2 hour before sunrise unless it is equipped with red and green running lights that show clearly in the direction in which it is going, and no other watercraft shall be on the waters in the aforementioned hours unless equipped with a suitable light to signal other approaching boats.

§ 116-4 Violations and penalties.

Any person violating any provision of this chapter or part thereof shall be subject to a fine not exceeding $20 for each offense.

§ 116-5 Operation near floats or other crafts.

[Added 2-14-1960 ATM, Art. 28]
Persons operating motor- or other power boats on the waters or waterways lying within the Town shall not bring said boats or any other towed object within 50 feet of any dock, piers, raft, wharf or float unless to embark and disembark. Power boats shall not pass any other craft closer than 25 feet nor circle around any craft in a manner as to annoy the occupants of the other craft nor pass between moored rafts or floats and the shore.
No person shall operate any watercraft in a manner which shall unreasonably or unnecessarily interfere with other watercraft or with the free and proper navigation on the waters or waterways lying within the Town. Anchoring under bridges or in heavily traveled channels shall constitute such interference if unreasonable under the prevailing circumstances.

§ 116-6 Overloading prohibited.

[Added 2-14-1960 ATM, Art. 28]
No watercraft on the waters or waterways lying within the Town shall be loaded with passengers or cargo beyond its safe carrying capacity.

§ 116-7 Dumping of waste.

[Added 2-14-1960 ATM, Art. 28]
No person shall throw, drop or place in the water or on the shores of the waters or waterways lying within the Town any wastepaper, rubbish or refuse.

§ 116-8 Boats designed for racing.

[Added 2-14-1960 ATM, Art. 28]
All hydroplanes and any other motorboat that is primarily designed for racing shall be equipped with a "dead man control," so called, and the motor shall not exceed a rating of 12 horsepower.

§ 116-9 Objects in tow.

[Added 2-14-1960 ATM, Art. 28]
Speeds of over 10 miles per hour, waterskiing and skipboard riding are prohibited on all waters or waterways lying within the Town from one hour after sunset until one hour before sunrise and between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. on all Sundays, May 30, July 4 and Labor Day.
No tow line shall exceed 75 feet from the point of contact on the tow boat to the object being towed. No more than two tow ropes of equal length may be used at one time.
No person under the age of 12 years shall operate a power boat in excess of 12 horsepower unless he is accompanied by another person who is 16 years of age or over. When towing skipboards, water skiers or the like, one other competent person besides the operator shall occupy said boat and act as an observer.
No motor- or other power boat, skier or towed object may embark or disembark from bathing beaches used by the public.

§ 116-10 Obedience to law officers.

[Added 2-14-1960 ATM, Art. 28]
No person operating any boat or craft shall refuse to obey any lawful request of a police officer in uniform or who displays his badge.

§ 116-11 Permits for special events.

[Added 2-14-1960 ATM, Art. 28]
The Selectmen may, on application, issue permits for parades, races or special events on stated occasions.

§ 116-12 Exceptions.

[Added 2-14-1960 ATM, Art. 28]
The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to any law enforcement officer while in the performance of his official duty nor to any person acting in an emergency.