Township of Toms River, NJ
Ocean County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Part I: Administrative Code

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 4 (Reserved)

Chapter 5 Township Council

Chapter 9 (Reserved)

Chapter 10 Office of the Mayor

Chapter 11 (Reserved)

Chapter 12 (Reserved)

Chapter 14 Office of the Municipal Clerk

Chapter 15 (Reserved)

Chapter 18 (Reserved)

Chapter 19 Office of the Tax Assessor

Chapter 21 (Reserved)

Chapter 23 Administrative Organization

Chapter 25 (Reserved)

Chapter 28 (Reserved)

Chapter 31 (Reserved)

Chapter 34 (Reserved)

Chapter 37 (Reserved)

Chapter 40 Department of Administration

Chapter 42 Department of Construction and Inspection Services

Chapter 44 Department of Finance

Chapter 46 Department of Health, Human Services and Human Resources

Chapter 47 (Reserved)

Chapter 48 Department of Engineering, Construction Services and Community Development

Chapter 50 Department of Law Enforcement

Chapter 52 Department of Parks, Buildings, Grounds and Code Enforcement

Chapter 54 Department of Public Works

Chapter 56 Department of Recreation

Chapter 60 Municipal Court

Chapter 62 Office of Municipal Public Defender

Chapter 63 (Reserved)

Chapter 64 Office of Municipal Prosecutor

Chapter 66 Office of Emergency Management

Chapter 68 Division of Community Service

Chapter 70 (Reserved)

Chapter 71 Statutory Boards and Commissions

Chapter 75 (Reserved)

Chapter 76 Advisory Committees


Chapter 80 Claims Approval

Chapter 83 (Reserved)

Chapter 84 Contracts, Public

Chapter 86 Cooperative Pricing Agreements

Chapter 88 Criminal History Record Checks and Physical Examinations

Chapter 91 (Reserved)

Chapter 94 Defense and Indemnification

Chapter 95 Open Space Trust Fund

Chapter 99 (Reserved)

Chapter 102 (Reserved)

Chapter 104 Employee Regulations and Benefits

Chapter 105 (Reserved)

Chapter 108 Payroll Account System

Chapter 109 Fire Companies

Chapter 114 Fire Districts

Chapter 118 (Reserved)

Chapter 120 Hazardous Materials Management

Chapter 124 (Reserved)

Chapter 125 Mutual Aid Agreements

Chapter 128 (Reserved)

Chapter 129 Official Map

Chapter 131 (Reserved)

Chapter 132 Public Records, Inspection of

Chapter 141 Retirement

Chapter 146 (Reserved)

Chapter 147 Salaries and Compensation

Chapter 150 Tax Map

Chapter 152 Volunteer Incentives

Part II: General Legislation

Chapter 158 Adopt-A-Highway Program

Chapter 159 Alarm Licensing and Operations

Chapter 160 Advertising

Chapter 162 Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 165 Animals and Animal Establishments

Chapter 170 Auctions and Auctioneering

Chapter 175 Bathing Beaches, Swim Clubs and Swimming Pools, Municipal

Chapter 182 Beaches, Cleaning of

Chapter 185 (Reserved)

Chapter 189 Beach Protection

Chapter 192 Beach Shelters and Tents

Chapter 198 Boat Docks and Bulkheads, Public

Chapter 201 Boat Facility and Bulkhead Construction

Chapter 205 Bridge Area Restrictions

Chapter 210 (Reserved)

Chapter 213 Building Material, Lumber and Plumbing Supply Yards, Secondhand

Chapter 217 Buildings for Public Assemblages, Temporary

Chapter 221 Buildings, Moving of

Chapter 224 Buildings, Numbering of

Chapter 228 Buildings, Unfit and Unsafe

Chapter 232 Burning, Outdoor

Chapter 238 Carnivals, Circuses and Traveling Shows

Chapter 245 Condominiums

Chapter 252 Construction Codes, Uniform

Chapter 264 Driveway Accesses and Curbs for Commercial Properties

Chapter 269 Drug-Free Zones

Chapter 273 Dwellings, Design and Appearance of

Chapter 277 Electrical Standards

Chapter 280 (Reserved)

Chapter 287 Fees

Chapter 291 Fences, Plantings and Walls

Chapter 294 Fertilizer

Chapter 295 Filming

Chapter 297 Fire Hydrants and Equipment

Chapter 300 Fire Insurance Claims

Chapter 303 (Reserved)

Chapter 308 Fire Prevention and Protection

Chapter 313 Flood Damage Prevention

Chapter 316 Food Stands and Restaurants, Outdoor

Chapter 321 Games of Chance and Amusement Games

Chapter 325 Golf Courses

Chapter 327 Graffiti

Chapter 330 Hazardous and Toxic Materials

Chapter 335 Housing and Rental Property Standards

Chapter 338 Hunting

Chapter 340 Invasive Plants

Chapter 344 Junkyards and Salvage Yards

Chapter 348 Land Use and Development Regulations

Chapter 354 Laser Pointers

Chapter 356 Littering

Chapter 357 Massage Parlors

Chapter 363 Mobile Home Parks

Chapter 368 Nuisances

Chapter 378 Parking Lots at Recreation Areas

Chapter 383 Parks, Municipal

Chapter 388 Peace and Good Order

Chapter 391 Peddling and Soliciting

Chapter 396 (Reserved)

Chapter 399 (Reserved)

Chapter 408 Realty Improvements: Water and Sewage Facilities

Chapter 413 Sales, Special

Chapter 415 Precious Metals and Secondhand Goods

Chapter 417 Septic Tanks, Cesspools and Privy Vaults

Chapter 421 Sewers

Chapter 427 Signs

Chapter 430 Skateboards, Sporting Activities and Hobbyists

Chapter 433 Smoking

Chapter 438 (Reserved)

Chapter 440 Special Improvement District

Chapter 442 Solid Waste

Chapter 447 Street Acceptance Procedure

Chapter 448 Street Vacation Procedures

Chapter 450 Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 457 Taxicabs and Taxicab Drivers

Chapter 462 Tobacco Products, Sale of

Chapter 465 (Reserved)

Chapter 468 Towing

Chapter 469 Traffic Control Signal Monitoring System

Chapter 471 Trees

Chapter 477 Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 481 Vehicles, Inoperative

Chapter 485 Vehicles, Sale or Storage on Vacant Land

Chapter 488 Vehicles, Snowmobiles and All-Terrain

Chapter 492 Vehicles, Unlicensed Motor-Driven

Chapter 495 Water Connections

Chapter 497 (Reserved)

Chapter 501 Waterway Control

Part III: Board of Health

Chapter 512 General Provisions, Board of Health

Chapter 516 Animals

Chapter 520 Communicable Diseases

Chapter 524 Dumping

Chapter 531 Food and Beverage Vending Machines

Chapter 534 Food-Handling Establishments, Retail

Chapter 537 Food, Sale of

Chapter 542 Health Nuisances

Chapter 551 Officers and Employees

Chapter 555 Personnel Policies

Chapter 558 Plumbing Standards

Chapter 561 Privies, Outdoor

Chapter 566 Salaries and Compensation

Chapter 569 Sanitary Facility Certification Fees

Chapter 572 Sewerage Connections

Chapter 575 Slaughtering and Slaughterhouses

Chapter 579 Swimming Pools, Public

Chapter 585 Vital Statistics Certificate Information

Chapter 589 Water Supplies


Chapter A598 Cable Television Franchise

Chapter A602 Names of Major Arteries, Streets and Highways

Chapter A605 Open Video Franchise

Chapter A608 Record of Result of 2006 Election

Chapter A610 Street Name Changes

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List