Town of Westminster, MA
Worcester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Meeting of the Town of Westminster as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Advisory Board — See Ch. 4.
Board of Health — See Ch. 13.
Town Meetings — See Ch. 25.
Personnel Board — See Ch. 44.
Officers, boards, committees and commissions — See Ch. A258.
Policies and procedures adopted by Board of Selectmen — See Ch. A260.
[Adopted STM 11-12-1974 by Art. 2 as Art. IV of the 1975 Bylaws]
No person shall be appointed to a committee or board who is not a registered voter of the Town and domiciled in the Town.
Anyone appointed or elected to a committee or board who subsequently removes his domicile from the Town shall automatically cease to be a member of said board or committee.
When anyone appointed to an appointive committee or board is absent repeatedly from three consecutive meetings without due cause from duly called meetings, he may be reported to the authority making the original appointment, who may declare that a vacancy exists.
Vacancies occurring on appointive committees and boards shall be filled by the authority making the original appointment.
All committees shall report to the Town unless otherwise specified by the Town Meeting. If no report is made within a year of its appointment, a committee shall be discharged, unless, in the meantime, the Town Meeting shall vote otherwise. A vote to receive the report of a committee shall place the report before the Meeting, but shall not discharge the committee. A vote to accept or to adopt a report of a committee with or without amendment shall discharge the committee.
All committees authorized at any Annual or Special Town Meeting shall be appointed within 45 days of such Town Meeting and shall meet to organize within 15 days from the date of appointment. Any vacancy on existing committees shall be filled within 30 days from the date such vacancy is created. Any vacancy on existing committees shall be duly posted at Town Hall at least 15 days prior to the vacancy being filled.
All officers, boards and committees shall notify the Town Clerk of their organization and of their office hours or time of stated meetings.
Whenever Town officials appoint individuals to serve on Town committees or boards, such appointing officials shall immediately notify the Town Clerk, in writing, of the names of such appointed individuals.
Each department and all appointed committees of the Town shall annually, on or before the second day of January, transmit to the Selectmen, in writing, a report in triplicate, containing a statement of the acts and doings of the department for the past financial year, to be printed in the Annual Report, as the Selectmen may deem expedient.
[Amended STM 6-25-1980 by Art. 2]
Not less than 90 days before the Annual Town Meeting, each department or officially appointed committee having authorized expenditures shall submit to the Advisory Board and the Board of Selectmen a copy of its annual budget, which shall contain a careful, detailed estimate of the probable expenditures of the department or committee for the ensuing year. Any department or committee failing to submit its annual budget not less than 30 days before the Annual Town Meeting may have its last previous annual budget included in the Table of Estimates for action by the Town Meeting at the discretion of the Advisory Board.
[Added ATM 5-4-2002 by Art. 45]
All boards, committees, and commissions of the Town, elected or appointed, shall compile and maintain a record (minutes) of all posted and emergency meetings and shall file the original copy of said minutes with the Town Clerk’s Office within two weeks of approval. The minutes of said meetings shall set forth the date, time, place, members present or absent and action taken at each meeting. The Town Clerk shall note the date and time when such minutes are received. Said minutes shall be made available to the public at reasonable times at the office of the Town Clerk.
[Adopted ATM 5-6-1978 as Art. 30]
It shall be the duty of the Chairman of each elected or appointed board or committee to be present at each Town Meeting, regular or special. In the event of his inability to attend the same, he shall designate some member of said board or committee who shall attend the same in his place.