Town of Westminster, MA
Worcester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Special Town Meeting 11-12-1974 by Art. 2 as Art. XIII of the 1975 Bylaws. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Recreational vehicles — See Ch. 196.
All boats in use must be equipped with a Coast Guard-approved life preserver for each person aboard, and all motorboats in use must be equipped with an efficient whistle or horn.
All motorboats with enclosed decks, bilges or other spaces where explosive gasses may accumulate must carry a Coast Guard-approved fire extinguisher.
No person shall operate any motorboat or sailboat while he is under the influence of intoxicating liquor, narcotics or harmful drugs, as defined by statute.
No person shall operate any motorboat or use any water skis, surfboards or similar devices negligently or willfully so as to endanger the lives or safety of the public or use water skis, surfboards or similar devices thereon in the nighttime.
No person shall operate any motorboat towing a person or persons on water skis, a surfboard or other similar device, unless there is in such motorboat a competent person, in addition to the operator, in a position to observe the person or persons being towed and unless such motorboat is equipped with a ladder, steps or similar means by which any person being towed can be taken from the water and a Coast Guard-approved lifesaving device for each person.
All motorboats must be operated at a safe distance to prevent their wash from being thrown into or causing excessive rocking to other boats, rafts, floats or bathing beaches. When passing within one hundred (100) feet of any raft, float, dock, bathing beach or other boat, motorboats shall be operated at a reduced and reasonable speed so as not to cause inconvenience or danger to others.
Where the operator's vision is obscured or under bridges or on bends and curves, motorboats shall be operated at not more than headway speed [six (6) miles per hour].
All boats must use the underpass on their starboard or right-hand side when negotiating the Leino Park bridge, Wyman Lake.
All boats operating between sunset to sunrise must be equipped with proper running lights as prescribed by the state boating laws.
In crossing situations, the boat to starboard (right) shall have the right-of-way.
In meeting situations, each boat shall turn to starboard (right) and pass port-to-port.
In passing situations, the vessel being overtaken has the right-of-way.
Sailing craft and unpowered boats shall have the right-of-way over motorboats.
In all cases not covered by this chapter, the Coast Guard Regulations will apply.