Town of Westminster, MA
Worcester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Any person wishing to record in the Registry of Deeds or to file with the Land Court a plan of land or a plan showing division of land and who believes such plan does not require Planning Board approval under the Subdivision Control Law[1] shall submit to the Planning Board office the printing master and four copies of the plan and two copies of application Form A (see appendix),[2] for determination that the plan is complete. The plan will not be marked received until the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning Board after such plan is deemed complete for review.
Editor's Note: See MGL c. 41, §§ 81K et seq.
Editor's Note: Form A is included at the end of this chapter.
All such submissions shall include the proper filing fee as determined by the most recent Planning Board Fee Schedule.
The Planning Board will endorse such plan within 21 days of submission at a regularly scheduled meeting. If the plan was prepared using a CAD program, the Board may require an electronic submittal of the plan compatible with the Town's current hardware and software.
To validate such submission, any such person shall send to the Westminster Town Clerk application Form A.[1]
Editor's Note: Form A is included at the end of this chapter.
If the Planning Board determines that such a plan does not require approval, it shall forthwith, without a public hearing, endorse on the plan the words "Approval under the Subdivision Control Law not required."
If the Planning Board shall determine that such a plan does require subdivision review and approval, it shall so inform the applicant and the Town Clerk, in writing.
The plan shall be prepared by a registered land surveyor and shall contain the following information:
North point, date of survey, scale and locus map indicating the relation of the parcel (s) to neighboring roads.
The statement "Approval Under the Subdivision Control Law Not Required," together with sufficient space for the signatures of the required number of Board members and the date of endorsement.
Name and address of owner, subdivider, designer and engineer or surveyor.
Names and addresses of all owners of abutting land as they appear in the most recent Town tax list.
Town of Westminster Assessors' Map and Lot Number.
Boundary lines of all proposed lots or divisions of land, with their areas and dimensions in square feet or acres, and with all of the lots designated numerically in sequence.
Names, widths, and status (public or private) of streets and ways shown on the plan.
Zoning classification of the subject property and location of any zoning district boundaries running through or along the property.
Notation clearly stating the purpose of the plan.
Location of all existing buildings and significant structures, stone walls, easements, cemeteries, public or private burial grounds, rights-of-way, streets, ways, and such other references as are known to the applicant or Board and as shall sufficiently identify the land to which the plan relates.
Location of all watercourses and any bodies of water including wetlands as defined by MGL c. 131, § 40, and the local Wetlands Bylaw;[1] the area of the lot outside of the wetlands and the one-hundred-foot buffer zone.
Editor's Note: See Ch. 202, Wetlands.
Notation stating that "No determination of compliance with zoning requirements has been made or intended."
Deed reference of record owner by book and page number.