Borough of Indiana, PA
Indiana County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted 5-9-1898 by Ord. No. 42 (Ch. XXI, Part 1, Secs. 1 to 12, of the of the 1971 Code of Ordinances)]
The draft or plan (lately made by John R. Caldwell of the Borough of Indiana and now on file at the Council Chamber of said Borough of Indiana) of the lines, roads, streets, lanes and alleys of said Borough, and including the streets and alleys which have been or may be laid out but not opened, shall be the general plan of the streets and alleys of said Borough, and all subdivisions of property hereafter made in said Borough shall conform thereto.
The streets and alleys marked upon said draft or plan,[1] and for the first time located as streets and alleys, are hereby ordained streets and alleys of said Borough, and no person shall hereafter be entitled to recover any damages for any building or improvements of any kind which shall or may be placed or constructed upon or within the lines of any located street or alley.
Editor's Note: See § 400-1 of this chapter.
[Added 2-3-1902 by Ord. No. 72]
The monument erected by the engineers in the service of the government of the United States upon the grounds of the State Normal School at Indiana, Pennsylvania, and having an elevation of 1299.219 feet above the sea level, shall be established as the base and standard of the elevations established by Council.
[Added 5-9-1899 by Ord. No. 43]
All streets running east and west shall be designated by name.
[Added 5-9-1898 by Ord. No. 43]
All streets running north and south shall be numbered consecutively, beginning with the street nearest to and parallel with the eastern line of the Borough, which shall be known as First Street.[1]
Editor's Note: Original Secs. 3 to 8 of this ordinance were repealed by Ord. No. 999.
From and after the passage of this section, the avenue located on west side of the Indiana Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad extending from Church Street to the south line of the Borough and now called and known as Railroad Avenue shall be called and known as Normal Avenue.[2]
Editor's Note: This section was added 9-28-1981 by the Borough of West Indiana.
Editor's Note: Railroad Avenue was later renamed College Avenue; see § 400-9 of this chapter.
[Added 5-9-1898 by Ord. No. 45]
From and after the passage of this section, the name of the street known as Saltsburg Road, beginning at Church Street, opposite the southern end of South Ninth Street, and extending in a southwesterly direction to the line of the Borough, shall be changed to Oakland Avenue and shall hereafter be known by this name.
[Added 3-3-1922 by Ord. No. 368]
From and after the passage of this section, the name of Papermill Alley between Philadelphia Street and north Borough line shall be changed to Station Avenue.
[Added 12-7-1948]
Railroad Avenue be hereafter known as College Avenue and that the hereinafter named alleys in said Borough be designated as avenues, and that the official Borough Map be changed in accordance therewith:
Gompers Alley to Gompers Avenue.
Carpenter Alley to Carpenter Avenue.
Taylor Alley to Taylor Avenue.
Willow Alley to Willow Avenue.
Virginia Alley to Virginia Avenue.
Lowry Alley to Lowry Street.
Burns Alley to Burns Avenue.
Poplar Alley to Poplar Avenue.
Fleming Alley to Fleming Avenue.
Fisher Alley to Fisher Avenue.
Hammers Alley to Rex Avenue.
Rice Alley to Rice Avenue.
Paper Mill Alley to Paper Mill Avenue.
Shryock Alley to Shryock Avenue.
Foundry Alley to Foundry Avenue.
Klondyke Alley to Klondyke Avenue.
Stannard Alley to Stannard Avenue.
South Alley to South Avenue.
[Added 4-8-1969 by Ord. No. 937]
All that portion of West Alley as shown on the Official Map of the Borough of Indiana which lies between School Street and Philadelphia Street shall hereafter be known and designated as West Avenue.
[Added 3-3-1970 by Ord. No. 976]
The street on the Borough Map which runs from Philadelphia Street south to School Street and heretofore known as West Avenue shall hereafter be known and designated as South Eighth Street.
[Added 8-6-1985 by Ord. No. 1383]
The section of Burns Avenue Bordered on the East by Seventh Street and on the West by Eighth Street is hereby renamed Jimmy Steward Avenue, effective immediately.