City of Glen Cove, NY
Nassau County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of Glen Cove 12-11-1979 by L.L. No. 3-1979. Amendments noted where applicable]
Article I General Provisions

§ C1-1 Title.

§ C1-2 Municipal corporation constituted and designated.

§ C1-3 Election districts.

§ C1-4 General powers.

§ C1-5 Substantial performance.

§ C1-6 Definitions.

§ C1-7 Designation of official city flower.

Article II Officers and Departments

§ C2-1 City officers; eligibility, term, compensation, oath.

§ C2-2 Office hours for city offices.

§ C2-3 City Council; constituted, powers.

§ C2-4 Mayor; duties.

§ C2-5 General powers of Mayor.

§ C2-6 Removal from office.

§ C2-7 Succession.

§ C2-8 Filling vacancy in office.

§ C2-9 Department of Finance; powers, duties.

§ C2-10 City Purchasing Agent.

§ C2-11 Department of Public Works; powers, duties.

§ C2-12 Civil Service Commission; appointment, function.

§ C2-13 Restrictions upon appointment of Council members to other offices.

§ C2-14 City Clerk; appointment, duties.

§ C2-15 Building Department.

§ C2-16 Housing authority; created, organized, powers, duties.

§ C2-17 Boards, commissions and agencies.

§ C2-18 Volunteer fire departments.

§ C2-19 (Reserved)

§ C2-20 Department of Personnel; powers; duties.

§ C2-21 City Attorney; deputies.

Article III Finances

§ C3-1 Fiscal year.

§ C3-2 Expenditures not to exceed appropriations; limitation.

§ C3-3 Contracts for the acquisition of goods and services.

§ C3-4 Transfers of surplus funds.

§ C3-5 Deposits of city funds.

§ C3-6 Payment of claims against city; itemizing, approval, audit required.

Article IV Courts and Legal Matters

§ C4-1 (Reserved)

§ C4-2 City Court established, organized; selection, powers, duties of City Judge, City Marshal.

§ C4-3 Service of papers on city.

§ C4-4 Liability of the city of certain actions.

§ C4-5 Condemnation and sale of condemned lands.

Article V Police Force

§ C5-1 Police force; organized, powers.

§ C5-2 Special duty; appointment of police force; auxiliary police; payment.

§ C5-3 Division of Code Enforcement.

Article VI (Reserved)

§ C6-1 through C6-7. (Reserved)

Article VII Legislation

§ C7-1 Enacting clause of ordinances.

§ C7-2 Penalties, publication and effective date of ordinances.

§ C7-3 Recording and proof of local laws, ordinances, minutes, Charter.

§ C7-4 Repeal or amendment of ordinance.

§ C7-5 Franchises, renewals; hearing prerequisite to grant.

§ C7-6 Enactment of local laws - public hearing prerequisite; notice of hearing required.

§ C7-7 Publication of notice of hearing on proposed local law.

§ C7-8 Conduct of public hearing on proposed local law.

§ C7-9 Council; regular meetings.

§ C7-10 Designation of official newspaper; publication of notices.

§ C7-11 Departmental records, reports, inventories.

§ C7-12 Delivery of books, records, papers to successor in office.

Article VIII Public and Local Improvements

§ C8-1 Payment by tax.

§ C8-2 Payment by local assessment; hearing requested; determination, apportionment, collection of assessment.

§ C8-3 Change of grades of highways.

§ C8-4 Discontinuance of highways; hearing required; determination, payment of damages.

§ C8-5 Expenses added to local assessments.

§ C8-6 Encroachments, nuisances; care of walks, curbs, gutters; sewage disposal.

Article IX Assessments and Taxation

§ C9-1 Assessor.

§ C9-2 Assessment procedure.

§ C9-3 Board of Assessment Review.

§ C9-4 Completion of roll; equalization.

§ C9-5 Correction of assessments.

§ C9-6 Submission of estimates, preparation of budget, assessment of taxes.

§ C9-7 Collection of taxes; due dates designated.

§ C9-8 Tax penalties and discount.

§ C9-9 Collection of delinquent taxes; sale and foreclosure of tax liens.

§ C9-10 Cancellation of taxes imposed on wrong parcel.

§ C9-11 Presumption of validity of taxes and of assessing for assessment roll.

§ C9-12 Presumption of validity of certificate of tax lien.

§ C9-13 Claims barred by lapse of time not to be revived.

§ C9-14 City may make an agreement with the county respecting their several tax liens.

§ C9-15 Delinquent water and solid waste charges and assessments.

§ C9-16 Transitional provisions.

§ C9-17 Action by purchaser to foreclose tax lien.

§ C9-18 Hardship Review Board.

Article X Transition and Separability

§ C10-1 General transition.

§ C10-2 Separability clause.