Borough of West Chester, PA
Chester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The Home Rule Municipality of the Borough of West Chester shall be a municipal corporation having the name of "Borough of West Chester". As used in this Charter, the words Borough, Municipality, and West Chester shall mean the Home Rule Municipality of the Borough of West Chester, Chester County. Pennsylvania.
This Charter and all amendments hereto shall constitute the form of government for the Borough of West Chester. Among the purposes of this Charter are: To provide municipal services and facilities with quality, efficiency and economy; to establish and continue a Council-Manager-Mayor form of government; to secure all possible municipal home rule powers as set forth in this Charter; and to provide for the health, safety and well-being of Borough citizens.
The municipal corporation now known as the "Borough of West Chester" shall continue to be a municipal corporation under the same name and with the same actual boundaries of the Borough at the time this Charter takes effect and as lawfully changed thereafter.
The Borough may exercise any power and function not denied it by the Constitution of the United States of America, by the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth, or by this Charter.
The powers and functions of the Borough under this Charter shall be broadly construed in favor of the Borough. Except as limited in Section 104(A), all possible powers and functions of the Borough are to be considered as if specifically and individually set forth in this Charter, whether such powers are presently available or may hereafter become available. The designation of specific powers in this Charter shall not be construed as limiting in any way the general powers of the Borough granted by this Article.
The procedure for nomination and election of officials shall be in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Pennsylvania Election Code as amended.
"Administrative Code." An ordinance that provides for the administrative organization of the Borough government, the assignment of duties and responsibilities to officers and employees, and the procedural requirements set forth in General Law or in this Charter.
"Borough Code." An Act by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as amended, concerning boroughs, and revising, amending and consolidating the law relating to boroughs.
"Borough official." Any person elected by the residents of the Borough or elected or appointed by any elected or appointed officer prescribed by this Charter, provided that it shall not include members of advisory boards that have no authority to expend public funds other than reimbursement for personal expense, or to otherwise exercise the power of the Borough.
"Business." Any corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, firm, enterprise, franchise, association, organization, self-employed individual, holding company, joint stock company, receivership, trust or any legal entity organized for profit.
"Business with which he or she is associated." Any business in which the person or a member of the person's immediate family is a director, officer, owner, employee or has a financial interest.
"Confidential information." Information not obtainable from reviewing a public document or from making inquiry to a publicly available source of information.
"Conflict" or "conflict of interest." Use by a Borough official or Borough employee of the authority of his or her office or employment or any confidential information received through his or her holding Borough office or employment for the private pecuniary benefit of himself, a member of his or her immediate family or a business with which he or she or a member of his or her immediate family is associated. "Conflict" or "conflict of interest" does not include an action having a de minimis economic impact or which affects to the same degree a class consisting of the general public or a subclass consisting of an industry, occupation or other group which includes the Borough official or Borough employee, a member of his or her immediate family or a business with which he or she or a member of his or her immediate family is associated.
"De minimis economic impact." An economic consequence which has an insignificant effect.
"Financial interest." Any financial interest in a legal entity engaged in business for profit which comprises more than 5% of the equity of the business or more than 5% of the assets of the economic interest in indebtedness.
"General Law." Acts of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania that are uniform and applicable throughout the Commonwealth.
"Immediate family." A parent, spouse, child, brother, or sister.
"Person." A business, governmental body, individual, corporation, union, association, firm, partnership, committee, club, or other organization or group of persons.
"Political subdivision." Any county, city, borough, incorporated town, township, school district, vocational school, county institution district, and any authority, entity or body organized by the aforementioned.