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City of Harrisburg, PA
Dauphin County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of Harrisburg 2-12-1918 by Ord. No. 29-1918. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Bond: see Ch. 2-703.
Council to provide for register: see 3rd Class Code § 1515 (53 P.S. § 36515).
Duties of realty owners: see 3rd Class Code § 1519 (53 P.S. § 36519).
Preservation of records: see 3rd Class Code § 1517 (53 P.S. § 36517).
Property sold at judicial sale: see 3rd Class Code § 1520 (53 P.S. § 36520).
Real estate registry required: see 3rd Class Code §§ 1515 to 1521 (53 P.S. §§ 36515 to 36521).
Real estate transfer tax: see Ch. 5-701.
State law provisions: see 3rd Class Code § 1501 et seq. (53 P.S. § 36501 et seq.).
Street improvements: see Ch. 9-101.
Subdivision regulations: see Chs. 7-501 to 7-517.
Water extension assessments: see Ch. 9-701.
[Ord. No. 10-1971; amended 7-13-1999 by Ord. No. 27-1999]
The City Engineer shall be a registered civil engineer, shall be appointed by the Mayor and shall be the Chief of the office of the City Engineer in the office of the Mayor. He or she shall perform the duties of the City Engineer as provided by law and such other duties as may be delegated to him or her by the Mayor.
The office of the City Engineer is a resource that has always been interdepartmental in scope and function and therefore remains available to all departments within City government. As such, all City agencies, including the Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority and the Harrisburg Housing Authority, are to use the office of the City Engineer for all projects that involve infrastructure repairs.
The City Engineer shall continue to have superintendence, direction and control over all engineering matters of the City. The City Engineer shall have authority to approve purchase orders for projects involving capital improvements, repairs and maintenance of City infrastructure systems and may sign requisitions. However, each department director will continue to maintain fiscal control over funds appropriated to that department for infrastructure improvements.
For the purpose of procuring accurate information in reference to the ownership of all real estate within the City, a registry thereof shall be made and kept as provided in this chapter.
The City Engineer shall cause to be made all such necessary books, maps and plans as will show the situation and dimensions of each property in the City, which books, maps or plans shall be prepared so as to show the City number and the owner of each lot, with provision for the names of future owners and dates of future transfer of title.
The books, maps and plans shall be carefully preserved by the City Engineer and shall be so kept, by additions from time to time or otherwise, as to show the ownership of every lot or piece of real estate or subdivision thereof within the City limits, with the successive transmissions of title from the date of the commencement of such plans. Certified copies, under the hand of the City Engineer, of any of the entries in such books or upon such maps or plans may be furnished to any person desiring the same for the fee as established and set by the City.
[Ord. No. 29-1993; amended 7-13-1999 by Ord. No. 27-1999]
It shall be the duty of all owners of unregistered real estate within the City limits, within one month from the date of approval of Ordinance 29 passed February 12, 1918, and of every subsequent purchaser, devisee, or person acquiring title by partition, sales agreement or otherwise to any real estate therein, within 30 days after acquiring such title, to furnish to the Registrar of Real Estate in the office of the City Engineer descriptions of their respective properties, upon forms to be furnished by the Bureau of Data Processing, and at the same time to present their conveyances to be stamped by the Registrar of Real Estate without charge as evidence of the registry thereof. For the purpose of this chapter, "purchaser" shall include the buyer in an agreement of sale as well as a grantee of a deed. The information to be recorded shall include but is not limited to:
The date of birth of each purchaser of the real estate;
The complete name, without the use of initials, of the buyer and/or grantee;
Certification that a water meter recording service to the property is in place and in working order; and
A water meter reading that is not more than 30 days old.
[Amended 7-13-1999 by Ord. No. 27-1999]
The Sheriff of Dauphin County shall present for registry the deeds of all properties within the City limits sold by him at upset or judicial sale, whether in partition, sales agreement or otherwise. The Prothonotary and Recorder of Deeds of Dauphin County shall not admit for record any deed for any City property bearing a date subsequent to the approval of Ordinance 29, passed February 12, 1918, unless such deed has been duly stamped as herein directed as proof of registry.
Any person who violates the provisions of this chapter shall be subject to the general code penalty, § 1-301.99 of these Codified Ordinances.