City of Oswego, NY
Oswego County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The Department of Public Works shall be directed by a Commissioner of Public Works who shall be appointed by the Mayor for a four-year term concurrent with the Mayor's term. The Commissioner of Public Works shall recommend appointment of such deputies, assistants and employees of his department as may be necessary and as shall be authorized.
The Commissioner of Public Works shall, before he enters upon the duties of his office, give a bond to the City of Oswego for an amount determined by the Council and executed by a duly authorized surety company incorporated or doing business under the laws of the State of New York, to be approved by the Mayor and conditioned that he shall faithfully execute the duties of his office and account for and pay over all moneys received by him.
A vacancy in the office of the Commissioner of Public Works shall be filled by appointment by the Mayor for the unexpired term.
The Department of Public Works shall have control of the construction, improvement, repair and cleansing of the streets, highways, alleys, avenues, sewers, sidewalks, culverts, crosswalks, parks, City Hall grounds and bridges; the erection of electric lights, electric light poles and fixtures; and the lighting of the city and all buildings and rooms owned or used by the City of Oswego. Said department shall purchase all material, supplies and equipment only pursuant to the provisions of this Charter.
The Department of Public Works shall, with the Mayor's approval, determine the size, dimensions, material and other specifications of any private, connecting lateral sewer connections feeding into the city's sewage system.
There shall be included in the annual budget an amount which shall be placed to the credit of the Department of Public Works and which shall be used by said Department for the purchase and planting of shade trees. Such trees shall be planted each year and shall be equitably apportioned to each ward of the city. Such trees shall be planted only on lands owned by the city and on lands bordering the public ways of the city. Said trees shall be planted under the direction of the Department of Public Works. Said fund shall be used for no other purpose. In the event that a portion of the fund is not used in any one (1) year, the balance shall be added to subsequent appropriations provided for by this Charter.
The Department of Public Works shall be authorized to require the owners of property fronting upon any street, highway, alley or public place to construct, repair and keep in order sidewalks. The Department may prescribe the width and thickness of new sidewalks, as well as the material for sidewalk construction. If, within a reasonable time determined by the Commissioner of Public Works, owners of property fail to install or repair sidewalks, the Department of Public Works may install or repair them, and the cost shall be assessed and collected in the same manner as other local assessments. The Department of Public Works is further authorized to require sidewalks to be kept in a safe and passable condition free from any obstructions, including snow and ice. The failure of owners of property to comply after appropriate notice shall subject them to local assessment charges for any work done by the Department of Public Works to keep sidewalks open, safe and passable. The above not withstanding, the city may, at its own expense, implement a plan of sidewalk construction and renewal.
The Commissioner of Pubic Works shall have authority to:
Permit the excavating in any public street or the opening of any public sewer of said city at such time and in such manner and under such regulations and superintendence thereof as said Commissioner may prescribe in its order granting such permission. Any expense incurred by said department in any such superintendence or in restoring or repairing such street or sewer shall be a lien, until paid, upon the premises or lot for the benefit of which any such work was done, and the City of Oswego shall have a lawful demand against the applicant to whom such permission may have been given for such expense, and the same may be sued for in the name of the city and recovered by said department and, when collected, shall be paid to the City Chamberlain to the credit of the fund against which such expense is properly chargeable.
Determine the place for planting and the relative location of any shade or ornamental trees in the streets and parks of said city, and the removal, pruning and trimming thereof of any such trees now in said streets or parks, and to that end may propose rules and regulations with reference thereto. These rules, with the approval of the Mayor and Council, shall specify modes of compliance, forfeiture for noncompliance and conditions under which the Department of Public Works shall perform work to be charged against the owners of property.
Employee the services of the City Engineer in all matters pertaining to said department requiring the services of a civil engineer or surveyor.
Enforce regulations pertaining to the installation and maintenance of culverts after such regulations shall, with the approval of the Mayor and Council, have been promulgated.
The Department of Public Works shall have power to make provision whereby all garbage and other refuse of the citizens shall be gathered and removed. It may require every occupant of any house, store, apartment or room to place garbage and other refuse where the same may be readily gathered for removal under such reasonable rules and regulations as said Department may adopt.
The Department of Public Works shall have power, when authorized by the Common Council, to contract for or to equip and operate and maintain an electric generating facility or facilities for lighting the streets, highways, alleys, parks, public places and all municipal buildings and for other municipal purposes and to furnish electricity to private consumers.