City of Chillicothe, MO
Livingston County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1999 §28-84; Ord. No. 97-61, 5-12-1997]
The following terms are, for the purposes of this Chapter, defined as follows:
Any person whom the Board of Public Works has authorized to collect and dispose of garbage and mixed refuse.
Stores, restaurants, hotels, offices, wholesale establishments, hospitals. (The term shall not be construed to include apartments, flats, private dwellings or boarding houses.)
Any person paying to the City the fee hereinafter set out for the collection and disposal of garbage and mixed refuse.
Director of garbage and mixed refuse disposal.
Food waste from homes, kitchens, apartments, hotels, restaurants, stores, markets and similar establishments.
The following mixed refuse will be subject to pick up by the City: household garbage, waste paper, cardboard, cloth material, food containers and other household containers which are light in weight and easily handled. All mixed refuse must be placed in an authorized disposal bag as specified and approved by the Board of Public Works. Mixed refuse does not include ashes, cinders, yard waste, brush, tires, batteries and appliances which must be disposed of at an approved landfill in accordance with State law (presently Senate Bill 530). Special pickups may be arranged through the Chillicothe Municipal Utilities and may be subject to an additional fee as prescribed by the Board of Public Works.
[CC 1999 §§28-85 — 28-87; R.O. 1978; Ord. No. 70-8 §1, 6-29-1970]
Prohibited — Generally. It shall be unlawful for any person to throw, drop, cast or deposit upon any street, alley, sidewalk or any yard or premises, public or private, any filth of any kind or cans, paper, trash, paper containers, rubbish, bottles or any other form of litter or waste matter.
Duty Of Business Owners, Occupants.
Generally. The owner or occupant of any store or other place of business situated within the City shall exercise reasonable diligence at all times to keep his/her premises clean of waste papers, wrapping paper, paper napkins, cartons, package containers and other used or waste materials thrown or left on said premises by its customers and to take reasonable measures to prevent same from drifting or blowing up to adjoining premises.
Receptacles. Receptacles of sufficient size and number shall be placed on the premises accessible to the customers of such business where the above referred to articles of waste may be disposed of.
Signs. Each and every business establishment shall place upon its premises in a conspicuous place or places in close proximity to the receptacle or receptacles above referred to a sign or signs which shall, in essence, convey to its customers a request that they use such receptacles for the disposal of waste material.
Duty Of Customer. It shall be unlawful for any customer going upon the premises of another to in any manner dispose of waste paper, wrapping paper, paper napkins, cartons, package containers and other used or waste materials except in receptacles provided for such purposes.
[CC 1999 §28-88; Ord. No. 88-24, 10-10-1988]
It shall hereby be unlawful for any firm or corporation to dispose of refuse at any facility or location owned or operated by the City of Chillicothe used for the purpose of refuse disposal.
All vehicles of residential persons hauling refuse for dumping at any facility or location owned or operated by the City used for the purpose of refuse disposal shall present a City sticker indicating that all City taxes due for the City of Chillicothe have been paid in full.
Any person, firm or corporation who violates the provisions of this Section shall be subject to a fine of not less than twenty-five dollars ($25.00) or more than two hundred dollars ($200.00) or by imprisonment for a term not to exceed ten (10) days, or both such fine and confinement, together with the costs of the court.
[CC 1999 §28-95; Ord. No. 97-61, 5-12-1997]
All garbage and refuse accumulated in the City shall be collected and disposed of under the supervision of the Board of Public Works. Said service will be available for use to all residents of the City. Each resident will be charged a fee for said service and shall be responsible for payment of any and all fees associated with said service. If said billing is not timely paid, the Board of Public Works shall certify said delinquent charges to the City Treasurer who shall cause a special tax bill to be prepared and assessed against any real estate within the City owned by the customer. Said tax bill shall, from the date of its issuance, be a lien on said real estate until paid. Each special tax bill shall be issued by the City Treasurer on or before the first (1st) of June in each year and if said tax bill is not paid, it shall bear interest at a rate of two percent (2%) per month from the date of issuance of the tax bill and any real estate subject to said billing shall be sold in the same manner as any other property with delinquent taxes. This tax bill will be in addition to any other assessments due the City by the customer. In the event a civil action is required to collect the tax bill, in addition to the charges owed and interest and penalty thereon, the responsible party shall be liable for all court costs and reasonable attorney's fees and expenses incurred by the City in such collection.
[CC 1999 §28-96; R.O. 1962 §576]
It shall be unlawful for any person, except such as may be authorized by the Board of Public Works, to haul, convey or carry garbage and mixed refuse through the streets or alleys of the City.
[CC 1999 §28-97; R.O. 1962 §577]
It shall be unlawful for any person to transport garbage over the streets, alleys or other public places within the City, except by means of a vehicle constructed with a water-tight steel compartment, such compartment to be completely closed and covered with a water-tight, fly-tight steel cover or door. Vehicles shall be kept in a clean, sanitary condition at all times. Other refuse may be carried in a vehicle with an open bed.
[CC 1999 §28-98; Ord. No. 97-61, 5-12-1997]
If refuse is stored or kept outside, other than during the twenty-four (24) hour period prior to scheduled pickup, it shall be the duty of every person or entity owning, managing, operating, leasing, renting or occupying any residential premises or any place where refuse accumulates within the City to provide a portable, leak-proof garbage container of galvanized iron, tin or other suitable material, with an air-tight and properly fitting cover, with a capacity not exceeding thirty (30) gallons for the storage of said refuse. All refuse must be placed in an approved trash bag. All refuse must be set to the curb for collection and no refuse shall be set out for collection more than twenty-four (24) hours before scheduled pickup.
[CC 1999 §28-99; Ord. No. 97-61, 5-12-1997]
It shall be the duty of every person or entity owning, managing, operating, leasing or renting non-residential premises within the City to place all trash and refuse from said premises in disposal containers prescribed and approved by the Board of Public Works.
[CC 1999 §28-100; R.O. 1962 §580]
Containers in which garbage and mixed refuse is placed for removal by the authorized collector shall be located in plain view near the rear exit of the building in an accessible location at the ground level or on an open platform or porch not more than four (4) feet above the ground level and so placed that they may be reached from the ground by the collector. They shall not be located in a building or other structure. If the premises on which such garbage and mixed refuse accumulates abuts on a public alley, such containers shall be located immediately adjacent to such alley. If such alley is not available, such container shall be located immediately adjacent to such driveway.
[CC 1999 §28-101; R.O. 1962 §581]
It shall be unlawful for any person to deposit in any container from which garbage and mixed refuse is to be removed by the authorized collector any material other than garbage and mixed refuse. If any container contains any material other than garbage and mixed refuse, the collector shall not be obligated to remove the contents of such container.
[CC 1999 §28-102; R.O. 1962 §579]
Every garbage and trash container required by this Article shall be maintained in as sanitary condition as possible in view of the use to which it is put and shall be thoroughly cleansed as needed by washing, scalding or otherwise.
[CC 1999 §28-103; Ord. No. 97-61, 5-12-1997]
It shall be the duty of every person or entity controlling, managing, operating, policing, renting or occupying any premises where garbage or refuse accumulates to notify Chillicothe Municipal Utilities of any containers provided and owned by the Chillicothe Municipal Utilities which has deteriorated or are unfit for use or have jagged edges capable of causing injury to those whose duty it is to handle the containers or that have been damaged to such extent. All commercial containers shall be furnished by Chillicothe Municipal Utilities in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Board of Public Works who shall be entitled to charge a fee for the upkeep and use of said containers. A failure on the part of the user to pay any fees or charges associated with the use of said containers shall be subject to the same collection provisions as set forth in Section 235.100.
[CC 1999 §28-104; R.O. 1978]
Garbage cans shall be kept closed tightly except during the collection or deposit of garbage, trash or refuse. The contents of all receptacles shall be so protected that the wind cannot blow out and scatter same over the streets, alleys and premises of the City.
[CC 1999 §28-105; R.O. 1962 §582]
Refuse and garbage accumulations shall be disposed of or collected as determined by the Board of Public Works.
[CC 1999 §28-106; Ord. No. 95-91, 7-31-1995]
It shall be unlawful for a person or entity, except as authorized by the Chillicothe Municipal Utilities, to collect, haul, convey or carry paper, cardboard or paper products which have been diverted or removed from the solid waste stream for sale, use, reuse or recycled, whether or not they require subsequent separation and processing, hereinafter referred to as "waste paper" unless said person or entity shall first do the following:
Pre-register with Chillicothe Municipal Utilities and complete and provide the information required by Chillicothe Municipal Utilities.
Obtain a license to conduct said business within the City from the City Clerk, pay all applicable fees and complete any applications which might be required.
During the course of said activity, the individual or entity shall maintain monthly records which evidence the total weight of paper products collected or hauled from the City, the location where any paper products were collected, the dates of each collections and the weight of paper products removed from each location and then provide a written monthly report to Chillicothe Municipal Utilities on or before the first (1st) business day of each month setting forth this information. Each such report shall be submitted, signed and verified as accurate by each individual or an authorized representative of each entity.
Provide for collection at each location a container or area pre-approved by the Chillicothe Municipal Utilities and, once approved, any container or area shall not change without the prior approval of the Chillicothe Municipal Utilities. Said container shall be mobile and enclosed with a lid.
Any trash left in or near the container which is not waste paper as defined above shall be disposed of by the person or entity who has been contracted to remove the waste paper from the premises and said disposal shall be in compliance with Chillicothe Municipal Utilities requirements and all applicable fees shall apply.