City of Chillicothe, MO
Livingston County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1999 § 27-209; Ord. No. 75-16, 4-28-1975; Ord. No. 75-46, 10-13-1975; Ord. No. 77-40, 11-28-1977; Ord. No. 77-42, 12-12-1977; Ord. No. 77-43, 12-27-1977; Ord. No. 78-28, 10-31-1978; Ord. No. 84-12, 5-14-1984; Ord. No. 85-_, 1-14-1985; Ord. No. 85-40, 9-30-1985; Ord. No. 87-4, 1-28-1987; Ord. No. 87-6, 1-27-1987; Ord. No. 89-25, 8-14-1989; Ord. No. 89-35, 1989; Ord. No. 90-4, 2-12-1990; Ord. No. 90-46, 11-26-1990; Ord. No. 91-27, 4-29-1991; Ord. No. 91-49, 8-26-1991; Ord. No. 92-8, 2-10-1992; Ord. No. 92-41, 5-26-1992; Ord. No. 92-94, 11-30-1992; Ord. No. 95-116, 10-10-1995; Ord. No. 95-117, 10-10-1995; Ord. No. 95-118, 10-10-1995; Ord. No. 96-58, 4-29-1996; Ord. No. 96-67, 5-13-1996; Ord. No. 97-89, 7-28-1997; Ord. No. 97-108, 9-8-1997; Ord. No. 97-110, 9-22-1997; Ord. No. 97-118, 10-27-1997; Ord. No. 98-119, 9-28-1998; Ord. No. 98-130; 10-12-1998; Ord. No. 99-50 § 1, 4-26-1999; Ord. No. 2002-116 § 1, 8-12-2002; Ord. No. 2004-51 § 1, 5-10-2004; Ord. No. 2004-68 § 1 7-26-2004; Ord. No. 2005-15 § 1, 2-15-2005; Ord. No. 2006-108 § 1, 12-11-2006; Ord. No. 2010-63 § 1, 7-26-2010; Ord. No. 2011-78 § 1, 8-29-2011; Ord. No. 2012-17 § 1, 3-12-2012]
In accordance with Chapter 335, particularly Sections 335.020 through 335.080 of this Code, when signs are properly posted, any vehicle shall stop or yield for oncoming traffic at the following locations:
Alexander at Trenton
Ann at Cherry
Ann at Elm
Ann at Locust
Ann at Vine
Ann at Walnut
Ann at Washington
Asher at Waples
Atkins at Highway 190
Atkins at Fair Street
Bridge at Broadway
Bridge at Commercial
Bridge at Missouri
Broadway at Calhoun
Broadway at Eleventh
Broadway at Jackson
Broadway at J.F.K.
Broadway at Polk
Broadway at Webster
Broadway at Tenth
Broadway at Trenton
Bryan at Cherry
Bryan at Fair
Bryan at Locust
Bryan at McNally
Bryan at Miller
Bryan at Monroe
Bryan at Sunset
Bryan at Walnut
Bryan at Washington
Brunswick at Ryan
Burnam at Park Lane
Calhoun at Cherry
Calhoun at Dickinson
Calhoun at Easton
Calhoun at Grandview
Calhoun at Elm
Calhoun at Highland
Calhoun at Jefferson
Calhoun at Locust
Calhoun at State
Calhoun at Sunset
Calhoun at Vine
Calhoun at Walnut
Calhoun at Westview
Calhoun at Woodward
Central at Maple
Cherry at Clay
Cherry at First
Cherry at Jackson
Cherry at Polk
Cherry at Third
Cherry at Webster
Chicago at Montgomery
Church at Waples
Clay at Dickinson
Clay at Elm
Clay at Grandview
Clay at Locust
Clay at Vine
Clay at Walnut
Clay at Highland
Commercial at Jackson
Cooper at Dickinson
Cooper at Walnut
Cowgill at Jameson
Cowgill at C.B.Q. Railroad
Cowgill at South
Curtis at Washington
Dickinson at Jackson
Dickinson at Polk
Dickinson at Third
Dickinson at Webster
Dorney at Fair
East at East Polk
Easton at Jackson
Easton at J.F.K.
Easton at Polk
Easton at Webster
Edgewood at Polk
Eleventh at Elm
Eleventh at Maple
Elm at First
Elm at Jackson
Elm at J.F.K.
Elm at Polk
Elm at Second
Elm at Third
Elm at Webster
Elmdale at Locust
Fair at Highway 190
Fair at Normal
Fair at Polk
Fair at Springhill
Fifteenth at Washington
Fairway at Washington
First at Hickory
First at Washington
Frontage at Gilbert
Frontage at Rupps
Frontage at Sale Barn
Grandview at Polk
Grandview at Third
Graves at Green
Graves at Ryan
Graves at South
Green at Samuel
Green at Washington
Harvester at Highway 36
Harvester at Ryan
Henry at Curtis
Henry at Madison
Henry at Ryan
Henry at Violet
Herriman at Martin
Hickory Drive at Sixteenth
Hickory at CB&Q Railroad
Hickory at Second
Hickory at Power Plant
Hickory Drive at Park Lane
Highland at Jackson
Highland at Webster
Highway 36 at Gilbert
Hillcrest at Third
Jackson at Locust
Jackson at St. Louis
Jackson at St. Paul
Jackson at Vine
Jackson at Walnut
Jackson at Woodward
Jameson at Samuel
Jefferson at Webster
J.F.K. at Locust
J.F.K. at Maple
J.F.K. at Oak
J.F.K. at Trenton
Leeper at Washington
Linn at Mac
Locust at Polk
Locust at Third
Locust at Washington
Locust at Webster
McNally at Polk
McNally at Springhill
Mac at St. Louis
Maple at Park
Maple at Tenth
McVey at Trenton
Miller at Polk
Miller at Springhill
Missouri at Polk
Mitchell at Highway 36
Mitchell at Business Highway 36
Mitchell at Ryan
Monroe at Polk
Monroe at Springhill
Morningside at Central
Morningside at Trenton
Northwood at Polk
Oak at Springhill
Oak at J.F.K.
Oak at Tenth
Polk at Broadway
[Ord. No. 2013-69 §1, 11-25-2013]
Polk at St. Louis
Polk at State
Polk at Sunset
Polk at Trenton
Polk at Vine
Polk at Walnut
Each entrance drive (3 entrance drives) from the Chillicothe R-II property onto Hornet Drive.
Polk at Woodward
Ryan Street at Second
Samuel at South
Second at Washington
South Street and Samuel Street (4-way stop)
South at Williams
Springhill at Walnut
Springhill at Washington
Sunset at Webster
Tenth at Trenton
Third at Turner
Third at Vine
Third at Walnut
Third at Wilson
Third at Woodrow
Vine at Webster
Walnut at Webster
Waples at Washington
Washington at Simpson Park
Washington at Highway 36
Woodward at Webster
Location of Stop Signs
Adams Drive at Tomahawk
Northeast corner
Alexander Street and Twelfth Street (Alexander Street stops)
Northwest and southeast corners
Broadway Street and Trenton Road
Southeast corner
Broken Arrow and Country Club
Southeast corner
Cedar Crest Lane and North Fair Street
Southwest corner—Cedar Crest Lane eastbound stops
Central Avenue and Broadway Street
Southwest corner
Cherry Street and Second Street
Northwest corner
Cherry Street and Second Street
Southeast corner
Chillicothe R-II property
At each entrance drive (3 entrance drives) from Chillicothe R-II property onto Hornet Drive
County Club Drive and Fairway Drive
Southeast corner and northwest corner—Country Club Drive going north and south stops
Elm Street and Ann Street
Northwest corner
Elm Street and Ann Street
Southeast corner
Fairway Drive and North Fair Street
Northeast corner—Fairway Drive going west stops
Green Street and Graves Street to control traffic traveling east
Northeast corner
Green Street and Graves Street to control traffic traveling west
Southwest corner
Litton Road and Trenton Road (Litton Road stops)
Northwest corner
Locust Street and First Street
Northwest and southeast corners of Locust Street
Locust Street and Ann Street
Southeast and northwest corners
Missouri Avenue and Montgomery
[Ord. No. 2014-32 §1, 6-9-2014]
Southwest corner and northeast corner
Mitchell Avenue and Corporate Drive
Northwest corner
Mohawk at Tomahawk
Southwest and northeast corners
Montgomery at Commercial
Northeast and southwest corners
Morningside Drive and Central Avenue
Northwest corner
North Fair Street and Broken Arrow Road
Northeast corner—Broken Arrow going west stops
Ryan Street and Third Street
Southeast corner of Ryan Street
Second Street and Locust Street to control traffic traveling south
Northwest corner
Second Street and Locust Street to control traffic traveling north
Southeast corner
Trenton Road and Morningside Drive
Northeast corner
Trenton Road and Litton Road
Northwest corner
Valle Vista at Polk
Southeast corner
The following locations of 4-way stops have been changed to 2-way stops:
Locations of 4-way stops
Change to 2-way stops
Grandview Avenue and Calhoun Street
Grandview, southeast and northwest corners
Madison Street and Henry Street
Henry Street, northwest and southeast corners
Ryan Lane and Mitchell Avenue
Ryan Lane, northeast and southwest corners
Springhill Street and McNally
McNally Street, northwest and southeast corners
Waples Street and Asher Street
Asher Street, northwest and southeast corners
[CC 1999 § 27-210; Ord. No. 75-17, 4-28-1975; Ord. No. 79-25, 8-27-1979; Ord. No. 80-6, 1-28-1980; Ord. No. 81-2, 1-26-1981; Ord. No. 81-33, 10-12-1981; Ord. No. 82-3, 3-8-1982; Ord. No. 85-33, 8-26-1985; Ord. No. 86-29, 10-27-1986; Ord. No. 86-31, 11-10-1986; Ord. No. 87-6, 1-27-1987; Ord. No. 88-17, 7-25-1988; Ord. No. 88-18, 8-8-1988; Ord. No. 89-7, 3-14-1989; Ord. No. 89-16, 1989; Ord. No. 89-21, 6-12-1989; Ord. No. 89-29, 9-25-1989; Ord. No. 90-46, 11-26-1990; Ord. No. 91-63, 10-14-1991; Ord. No. 92-30, 4-13-1992; Ord. No. 92-93, 11-30-1992; Ord. No. 93-45, 7-26-1993; Ord. No. 94-2, 1-10-1994; Ord. No. 95-65, 6-12-1995; Ord. No. 95-118, 10-10-1995; Ord. No. 99-50 § 3, 4-26-1999; Ord. No. 99-92 § 1, 8-30-1999; Ord. No. 2000-103 § 1, 12-11-2000; Ord. No. 2013-37 § 1, 5-28-2013]
The City Council has deemed it necessary for the health and safety of the inhabitants of the City of Chillicothe, Missouri, that "Yield" signs be erected and maintained at certain described intersections as follows:
Bel Air at Fairlane
Boyd at Dorney
Brunswick at Madison
Brunswick at Second
Bryan at Dickinson
Bryan at Edgewood
Bryan at Hillside
Burnam at Park Lane
Burnam at Fifteenth
Cherry at Second
Clay at Monroe
Clay at Woodward
Country Club at Fairway
Cowgill at Frederick
Cowgill at Olive
Cowgill at Smith
Cowgill at Waples
Dale at Thompson
Dickinson at Polk
Easton at Eleventh
Easton at Tenth
Edgerton at Herriman
Frederick at Williams
Graves at Waples
Harvester at McCormick
Hickory at Park Lane
Hickory at Third
Hill at Wise
Irving at Monroe
Jameson at Williams
Liberia at Waples
Martin at Wise
Missouri at Montgomery
Mitchell at Third
Montgomery at St. Louis
Olive at Williams
Ryan at Second
Samuel at Gilbert
Second at Ryan
Second at Vine
Second at Walnut
Smith at Williams
Washington at Barnes Baker
Webster at Woodward
Side of Street
Southeast corner
Madison Street intersection
Chicago Street
Southeast corner
Chicago and Bridge Streets with traffic on Chicago Street yielding to through traffic on Bridge Street
Northeast corner
Locust intersection
Elm Street
Northwest corner
Elm and Madison Streets with traffic on Elm yielding to the through traffic on Madison
Southwest corner
Graves Street and Frederick Street with traffic on Frederick Street yielding to through traffic on Graves Street
Southwest corner
North Washington intersection
McVey Street
Northwest corner
11th Street intersection
North Fair at Mohawk
Northeast corner
Oaklawn Drive
Southwest corner
Ridgecrest Drive intersection
Paul Street
Northwest corner
Paul and East Herriman Streets with traffic on Paul Street yielding to through traffic on East Herriman
Shawnee at Mohawk
Northeast corner
St. Louis Street
Northwest and southeast corner
St. Louis and Bridge Street with traffic on St. Louis yielding to through traffic on Bridge Street
Tomahawk at Broken Arrow
Northwest corner
West Mohawk at Litton Road
Southwest corner
West Mohawk going east yields