City of Chillicothe, MO
Livingston County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I In General

Section 205.010 Definitions.

Section 205.020 Domestic Animals or Fowl Running At Large.

Section 205.030 Impounding Animals and Fowl.

Section 205.035 Impoundment of Animal Found Off Property of Owner or Custodian, Disposition, Procedure — Liability of Owner or Custodian For Costs.

Section 205.040 Redemption of Impounded Animals.

Section 205.050 Sale of Impounded Animals.

Section 205.060 Disposition of Proceeds of Sale of Impounded Animals.

Section 205.070 Turning Out Animals To Cause Impounding.

Section 205.080 Loading and Transporting of Livestock and Fowl.

Section 205.090 Possession and Sale of Exotic or Wild Animals — Prohibited.

Section 205.100 Cruelty To or Mistreatment of Animals.

Section 205.110 Humane Treatment of Animals.

Section 205.120 Trapping.

Section 205.130 Limitation Upon Number of Dogs and Cats Kept — Operation of Kennels.

Section 205.140 Establishment of A City Animal Shelter.

Section 205.150 Humane Destruction or Euthanization of Animals.

Section 205.160 Use of Animal Cages Owned By The City.

Section 205.170 Feces Removal.

Section 205.180 Limitations of Particular Breeds.

Section 205.190 Penalty For Violation of Breed Limitations.

Section 205.200 through Section 205.290. (Reserved)

Article II Dogs

Section 205.300 Annual License.

Section 205.310 Dog Tags.

Section 205.320 Dogs At Large.

Section 205.330 Impoundment of Licensed Dogs.

Section 205.340 Impoundment of Unlicensed Dog.

Section 205.350 Redemption and Fees.

Section 205.360 Humane Destruction of Impounded Dogs or Cats.

Section 205.370 Animal Bite Procedures.

Section 205.380 Injury To Humans.

Section 205.390 Restrictions On Vicious Dogs.

Section 205.400 Animals Annoying Humans By Barking, Howling, Yelping, Jumping Upon, Threatening, Spreading Garbage or Attacking Other Animals or Fowls.

Section 205.410 Animals Damaging Property.

Section 205.420 Female Dogs or Cats in Heat — Running At Large.

Section 205.430 Dogs Without Current Vaccination.

Section 205.440 through Section 205.500. (Reserved)

Article III Cats

Section 205.510 Damaging Shrubs, Gardens and Property.

Section 205.520 Apprehension of Cats Running At Large.

Section 205.530 Annual License.

Section 205.540 Owner of Cat Shall Exhibit License Upon Request.

Section 205.550 Cats Without Current Vaccination.

Section 205.560 through Section 205.610. (Reserved)

Article IV Abandonment of Animals

Section 205.620 Animal Neglect or Abandonment.

Section 205.630 through Section 205.680. (Reserved)

Article V Commercial Kennels

Section 205.690 License Required of Commercial Kennels — Veterinarian Kennels Exempt.

Section 205.700 Requirements For Operation.

Section 205.710 through Section 205.760. (Reserved)

Article VI Pet Shops

Section 205.770 Standards.

Section 205.780 through Section 205.830. (Reserved)

Article VII Diseased or Injured Animals

Section 205.840 Sale of Known Diseased Animals.

Section 205.850 Disposition of Diseased or Injured Animals.

Section 205.860 through Section 205.900. (Reserved)

Article VIII Animal Control Officer

Section 205.910 Responsibility of Enforcement.

Section 205.920 Rabies Vaccination.

Section 205.930 Registration, Licensing and Adoption Fees.

Section 205.940 through Section 205.1000. (Reserved)