City of Chillicothe, MO
Livingston County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I In General

Section 120.010 Removal From Office.

Section 120.020 Bond.

Section 120.030 Oath.

Section 120.040 Indemnification and Representation in Actions.

Section 120.050 Conflicts of Interest.

Section 120.060 through Section 120.100. (Reserved)

Article II City Attorney

Section 120.110 Qualifications.

Section 120.115 Part-Time Position.

Section 120.120 Duties Generally.

Section 120.130 Inability To Perform Duties.

Section 120.140 Additional Counsel.

Section 120.150 Additional Duties.

Section 120.160 Compensation.

Section 120.170 Creation of Legal Expense Fund.

Section 120.180 Handling of Claims.

Section 120.190 Construction of Ordinance.

Section 120.200 through Section 120.250. (Reserved)

Article III City Clerk

Section 120.260 Custodian of Seal, Other City Property.

Section 120.270 Prepare Commissions.

Section 120.280 Publication of Ordinances.

Section 120.290 Record of Ordinances.

Section 120.300 File Deeds, Bonds.

Section 120.310 Other Duties.

Section 120.320 Possession of Records Restricted.

Section 120.330 Publication of Annual Report.

Section 120.340 Statement of Bills, Accounts.

Section 120.350 Bonds For Dramshops.

Section 120.360 Compensation.

Section 120.370 Additional Duties of City Clerk.

Section 120.380 through Section 120.440. (Reserved)

Article IV City Treasurer

Section 120.450 Duties of Elected City Treasurer.

Section 120.460 Compensation.

Section 120.470 through Section 120.490. (Reserved)

Article V City Auditor

Section 120.500 General Accountant of City.

Section 120.510 Accounting Procedures.

Section 120.520 Accounts Between City and Officers.

Section 120.530 Record of Warrants.

Section 120.540 Deliver Warrants To Clerk.

Section 120.550 Balance Accounts.

Section 120.560 Monthly Reports.

Section 120.570 Supplies.

Section 120.580 Claims Not Allowed.

Section 120.590 Tax Books.

Section 120.600 Preparation of Annual Budget.

Section 120.610 Compensation.

Section 120.620 through Section 120.670. (Reserved)

Article VI City Engineer

Section 120.680 Appointment.

Section 120.690 Qualifications.

Section 120.700 Duties Generally.

Section 120.710 Duties As Street Commissioner.

Section 120.720 Monthly Reports.

Section 120.730 through Section 120.740. (Reserved)

Article VII Zoning Administrator

Section 120.750 Appointment.

Section 120.760 Duties Generally.

Section 120.770 through Section 120.800. (Reserved)

Article VIII City Administrator

Section 120.810 Office of City Administrator.

Section 120.820 Appointment and Tenure.

Section 120.830 Qualifications.

Section 120.840 Compensation.

Section 120.850 Removal of City Administrator.

Section 120.860 Duties and Powers.

Section 120.870 Interference By Members of The City Council.