City of Blue Springs, MO
Jackson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 1996 § 100.080; CC 1968 § 1-5; Ord. No. 4574 § 1, 10-5-2015; Ord. No. 4637 § 1, 12-19-2016]
Whenever in this Code or in any ordinance of the City an act is prohibited or is made or declared to be unlawful or an offense, or whenever in such Code or ordinance the doing of any act is required or the failure to do any act is declared to be unlawful, and no specific penalty is provided therefor, the violation of any such provision of this Code or any such ordinance shall be punished by a fine not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500.00), or such imprisonment not exceeding ninety (90) days, or by both such fine and imprisonment except as provided in Subsections (B) and (C) of this Section. Each day any violation of this Code or of any ordinance shall continue shall constitute a separate offense.
Any "minor traffic violation," as defined by State law, shall be punishable by a fine not to exceed two hundred twenty-five dollars ($225.00) combined with court costs when court costs must be included in such total fine.
Any "Municipal ordinance violation," as defined by Section 479.350(4), RSMo., committed within a twelve-month period beginning with the first violation shall be punishable by a fine, including court costs when State law requires court costs to be included in such total fine as follows: two hundred dollars ($200.00) for the first offense, two hundred seventy-five dollars ($275.00) for the second offense, three hundred fifty dollars ($350.00) for the third municipal ordinance violation, and four hundred fifty dollars ($450.00) for the fourth and any subsequent violation.