City of Blue Springs, MO
Jackson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Taxicabs, Livery Vehicles, and Buses

Section 630.010 Definitions.

Section 630.020 Penalty for Violation of Article.

Section 630.030 Exemptions From Article's Provisions.

Section 630.040 Vehicles Must Be Kept in a Clean and Sanitary Condition.

Section 630.050 Restriction on Number of Passengers.

Section 630.060 Driver's License Required.

Section 630.070 Prohibitions of Drivers.

Section 630.080 Manifest.

Section 630.090 Passenger Fares.

Section 630.100 Receipts for Taxi, Livery Vehicle or Bus Fare.

Section 630.110 Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity — Required.

Section 630.120 Application for Certificate — To Whom Made — Contents.

Section 630.130 Vehicle Safety.

Section 630.140 False Information Contained in the Application.

Section 630.150 License Fee — Duration — Renewal.

Section 630.160 Liability Insurance Required.

Section 630.170 Suspension or Revocation of Certificate.

Section 630.180 Transfer of Certificates.

Article II Ambulances

Section 630.190 Definitions.

Section 630.200 License Required.

Section 630.210 Exceptions.

Section 630.220 Application For License.

Section 630.230 Licensee Requirements.

Section 630.240 License Fee — Duration — Renewal.

Section 630.250 Duty of Chief of Police.

Section 630.260 False Information Contained in The Application.

Section 630.270 Liability Insurance.

Section 630.280 Vehicles Must Be Kept in A Clean and Sanitary Condition.

Section 630.290 Revocation of License.

Section 630.300 Records To Be Maintained By Licensee.

Section 630.310 Penalties For Violation.

Article III Tow Vehicles

Section 630.320 Definitions.

Section 630.330 Price Schedule and Authorization For Tow.

Section 630.340 Statement Required.

Section 630.350 Solicitation.

Section 630.360 Non-Consent Tow From Private Property (No Law Enforcement Officer Authorization).

Section 630.370 Notice of Tow.

Section 630.380 Hours of Operation of Storage Facilities.

Section 630.390 Methods of Payment.

Section 630.400 Receipt.

Section 630.410 Tow Service Business Requirements.

Section 630.420 Towing Log or Similar Record.

Section 630.430 Immobilizing Vehicles On A Private Lot.

Section 630.440 Penalties.