City of Blue Springs, MO
Jackson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Administration and Enforcement

Section 515.010 Title.

Section 515.020 Scope.

Section 515.030 Intent.

Section 515.040 Severability.

Article II Applicability

Section 515.050 General.

Section 515.060 Maintenance.

Section 515.070 Existing Remedies.

Section 515.080 Workmanship.

Section 515.090 Historic Buildings.

Section 515.100 Referenced Codes and Standards.

Article III Code Enforcement Personnel

Section 515.110 Liability.

Section 515.120 Fees.

Article IV Duties and Powers of the Code Official

Section 515.130 General.

Section 515.140 Inspections.

Section 515.150 Right of Entry.

Section 515.160 Search Warrant.

Section 515.170 Identification.

Section 515.180 Notices and Orders.

Section 515.190 Coordination of Inspections.

Article V Violations

Section 515.200 Unlawful Acts.

Section 515.210 Notice of Violation.

Section 515.220 Prosecution of Violation.

Section 515.230 Violation Penalties.

Section 515.240 Abatement of Violation.

Section 515.250 Extension of Time to Perform Work.

Article VI Notices and Orders

Section 515.260 Notice to Owner or to Person or Persons Responsible.

Section 515.270 Form.

Section 515.280 Method of Service.

Section 515.290 Penalties.

Section 515.300 Transfer of Ownership.

Article VII Emergency Measures

Section 515.310 Imminent Danger.

Section 515.320 Temporary Safeguards.

Section 515.330 Closing Streets.

Section 515.340 Emergency Repairs.

Section 515.350 Costs of Emergency Repairs.

Section 515.360 Compliance.

Section 515.370 through §515.390. (Reserved)

Article VIII Definitions: Interpretation and Meaning

Section 515.400 Scope.

Section 515.410 Interchangeability.

Section 515.420 Terms Defined in Other Codes.

Section 515.430 Terms Not Defined.

Section 515.440 Parts.

Section 515.450 Definitions.

Section 515.460 through §515.490. (Reserved)

Article IX General

Section 515.500 Scope.

Section 515.510 Responsibility.

Section 515.515 Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs.

Section 515.520 Vacant Structures and Land.

Article X Exterior Property Areas

Section 515.530 Sanitation.

Section 515.540 Sidewalks and Driveways.

Section 515.550 Rodent Harborage.

Section 515.560 Exhaust Vents.

Section 515.570 Accessory Structures.

Section 515.580 Defacement of Property.

Section 515.590 Composting.

Section 515.600 Tree Maintenance.

Section 515.610 Nuisances — Prohibited — Defined.

Section 515.620 Nuisances Abated after Notice — Mode — Payment — Special Tax Bills.

Section 515.630 Abatement of Nuisance Without Notice — Mode — Payment — Special Tax Bills.

Section 515.640 Apportionment of Costs of Abating Nuisance Located on Property of More than One Owner.

Section 515.650 Abatement Issues.

Article XI Exterior Structure

Section 515.660 General.

Section 515.670 Protective Treatment.

Section 515.680 Street Numbers.

Section 515.690 Exterior Walls.

Section 515.700 Roofs, Sump Pumps, and Other Drainage Sources.

Section 515.710 Decorative Features.

Section 515.720 Overhang Extensions.

Section 515.730 Stair and Walking Surfaces.

Section 515.740 Stairways, Decks, Porches and Balconies.

Section 515.750 Chimneys and Towers.

Section 515.760 Handrails and Guards.

Section 515.770 Window, Skylight and Door Frames.

Section 515.780 Glazing.

Section 515.790 (Reserved)

Article XII Dangerous Buildings and Structures Constituting Nuisances — Abatement Process

Section 515.800 Title of Article.

Section 515.810 Conditions of Buildings and Structures Constituting a Dangerous Building or Structure and/or Public Nuisance.

Section 515.820 Duties of Code Official and Inspectors.

Section 515.830 Notice of Public Nuisance and Order of Abatement and Service on Interested Parties.

Section 515.840 Remedies and Procedure.

Section 515.850 Standards for Determining Action Required to Alleviate Public Nuisance.

Section 515.860 Failure to Comply with Notice; Hearing.

Section 515.870 Findings by Hearing Officer Following Hearing.

Section 515.880 Order of Abatement.

Section 515.890 Issuance of Tax Bill for Cost of Work; Manner of Payment.

Section 515.900 Enforcement of Tax Bills.

Section 515.910 Appeals.

Section 515.920 Summary Abatement Where Immediate Danger Exists.

Section 515.930 Liability of City Agents and Employees; Services by City Agents and Employees to be for Benefit of City.

Section 515.940 Penalty for Failure to Vacate.

Section 515.950 Penalty for Failure to Comply with Order of Code Official or Hearing Officer.

Section 515.960 Use of Insurance Proceeds for Reimbursement of City's Costs.

Section 515.970 Owner to Allow Entry for Purposes of Inspection.

Section 515.980 If Entry Denied for Purpose of Inspection.

Section 515.990 Unlawful to Allow an Unoccupied Building to Become Open.

Section 515.1000 Emergency Procedures.