City of Monroe, WI
Green County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[10-21-1986; 2016 Code]
The B-2 general business district is established to provide for the establishment of principally motor vehicle oriented or dependent commercial activities in nonresidential settings. Lot dimensional requirements are established to provide for the orderly grouping of commercial uses and for adequate off street parking.
[1-7-1992; 4-21-1992; 7-7-1992; 6-16-1998; 2-15-2000; 3-19-2013; 4-3-2013; 1-6-2015; 2016 Code]
The following uses are permitted in this district:
Accessory buildings.
Automotive parts sales, including incidental service and repair of operational vehicles.
Automotive and light truck sales, servicing and repair.
Business offices.
City structure.
Department stores.
Discount stores.
Drive-in banks.
Drive-in establishments serving food or beverages for consumption outside the structure.
Funeral homes and mortuaries.
Gift stores.
Medical health center.
Outlet stores.
Places of entertainment.
Recreational establishments.
Service stations and washing and repair stations, where all gas pumps are not less than 30 feet from any existing or proposed street line.
Sheltered facilities for battered women.
Shopping centers.
Tourist information and hospitality centers.
Trade or business schools.
[1-7-1992; 4-21-1992; 1-2-1996; 1-5-1999; 11-8-2000; 7-15-2008; 6-21-2011; 3-12-2012; 4-3-2013; 4-8-2015; 2016 Code]
The following uses are permitted as conditional uses in this district:
Boarding houses.
Building trades shops.
Cheese slicing and packaging plants, where no manufacturing or processing occurs on site.
Churches and convents.
Cleaning, dyeing, pressing and related trades.
Catalog merchandising centers.
Community living arrangements of any number.
Communication tower.
Day-care centers.
Day-care parent cooperative -nonresidential.
Day-care parent cooperative -residential.
Farm machinery and equipment sales, repair and storage.
Feed and seed storage.
Food locker plants.
Home occupation in any dwelling unit granted a conditional use.
Lodging houses.
Lumber and contractors yards.
Mixed-use development.
Motor vehicle parts recycling center.
Public and parochial schools.
Publishing, including newspaper publishing, job printing, lithographing, and blueprinting.
Self-service storage facility.
Two family dwellings and multiple family dwellings located within the smoky row sub-district.
Other uses similar in character to those specifically set forth in this chapter, giving due consideration to any anticipated effects of noise, odor, pollution, traffic, parking, safety and hours of operation associated with such use.
[1-6-1987; 9-7-2004; 6-6-2006; 2016 Code]
A use listed in section 5-8-2 of this chapter shall not be a permitted use in this district if it is a large scale retail store or part of a large scale retail development.
A use listed in section 5-8-3 of this chapter shall not be a conditional use in this district if it is a large scale retail store or part of a large scale retail development.
[2016 Code]
Minimum lot area. No minimum lot area is required, except that the lot area shall be adequate to meet all yard and parking requirements.
Abut public street. All lots must abut a public street.
Yard requirements. The following minimum yards shall be provided and maintained:
The front yard shall be not less than 40 feet, with the front 10 feet, measured from the property line, devoted to open landscaping (trees, shrubs, grass).
Side yards shall not be less than 20 feet adjacent to any residential use district.
The side yard on a corner lot shall not be less than 20 feet.
Notwithstanding the previous rules, principal structures on adjoining lots may share common walls.
Rear yards shall not be less than 15 feet.
Smoky row sub-district exemption. All lots lying within the smoky row sub-district shall be exempt from the provisions of subsection (C) of this section unless compliance with such provisions, or any part thereof, is required by a conditional use permit.
Parking requirements. Parking requirements applicable to this district are set forth in chapter 11 of this title.