Town of Nantucket, MA
Nantucket County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
THE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS - AN ACT PROVIDING FOR A CHARTER FOR THE TOWN OF NANTUCKET - SECTION 1. Text of Charter. The following shall be the Charter of the Town of Nantucket: Preamble - We, the inhabitants of the Town of Nantucket, in order to provide more perfectly for a municipal government known as the Town of Nantucket, to provide for the common welfare, and to secure for ourselves and for our community all the rights, powers, privileges, duties and obligations which may now or in the future be derived from town government, do hereby establish for ourselves and for our community this instrument as the Charter of and for the Town of Nantucket.
Article I Powers of the Town

Section 1.1 Intention of this Charter

Section 1.2 Liberal Construction

Article II Legislative Functions

Section 2.1 Legislative Powers

Section 2.2 Town Moderator

Section 2.3 Alternate Town Moderator

Section 2.4 Clerk of the Meeting

Section 2.5 Town Meeting Warrant

Section 2.6 Rights of Nonresident Property Owners

Section 2.7 Conduct of the Town Meeting

Article III Board of Selectmen

Section 3.1 Composition, Term of Office and Quorum

Section 3.2 Board Officers

Section 3.3 Power to Acquire Real Estate for the Town

Section 3.4 Selectmen Powers as to Appointments

Section 3.5 Further Powers of the Selectmen

Article IV Town Administration

Section 4.1 Roles of Selectmen and Town Manager

Section 4.2 Town Manager

Section 4.3 Town Manager Appointments

Section 4.4 Town Administration Departments

Section 4.5 Department Head Responsibilities

Section 4.6 Department Personnel

Section 4.7 Town Clerk

Section 4.8 Town Boards not within Town Administration

Section 4.9 Staff of Boards not within Town Administration

Article V Elections, Dismissals and Recalls

Section 5.1 Elections

Section 5.2 Actions Not to be Influenced by Selectmen

Section 5.3 Indemnification of Town Officials

Section 5.4 Recall of Elected Officials

Article VI General Provisions

Section 6.1 Application of Laws of the Commonwealth

Section 6.2 Code of the Town of Nantucket

Section 6.3 Town Clerk to have Custody of Charter

Section 6.4 Charter Interpretation

Section 6.5 Amendment of Charter

Section 6.6 Time of Taking Effect