City of Corbin, NJ
Atlantic County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Common Council of the City of Corbin City 4-8-1996 by Ord. No. 2-1996. Amendments noted where applicable.]
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meaning indicated:
Includes any device or unit commonly known as a "trailer', "house trailer", "trailer coach", "mobile home", "camper", "camp car" or similar unit used or capable of being used for living, sleeping or business purposes by one or more persons, and equipped with wheels or similar devices used for transporting said unit from place to place, whether said unit is self-propelled or towed, and also includes any unit which at any time heretofore was manufactured or designed for any of said purposes or intended to be used for any of said purposes. Such definition shall not include towed vehicles used by builders or contractors as shelters at work sites while work on the site is underway.
For other than declared emergencies, pursuant to New Jersey and/or federal statutes and as otherwise provided for in this City's zoning regulations, it shall be unlawful for any person or persons to use or occupy a trailer within the City of Corbin City for purposes of habitation in any fashion and/or period of time whatsoever.
Notwithstanding any provision herein or in any other portion of this City's Code to the contrary, nothing shall prohibit City Council from authorizing the issuance of a permit to use a trailer for purposes of habitation, upon a showing of special hardship and need to:
The owner occupant of a single-family dwelling which has been rendered uninhabitable due to damage;
The owner occupant of a single-family dwelling which will be rendered uninhabitable due to planned renovations and/or improvements; or
A landowner who intends to construct a single family dwelling on the lot in question for his/her own personal use.
Application for such a permit shall be made to City Council in writing accompanied by the following:
Proof that the applicant is the owner of the land in question.
Proof that all current real estate taxes and assessments have been paid in full.
A survey of the lands in question.
Construction permit for building construction, renovation, repairs or other work proposed unless emergent circumstances exist due to a fire or other catastrophic loss.
Proof that damage to or planned renovations/improvements has or will render the dwelling uninhabitable and for how long.
Proof that the applicant resides in the dwelling or did so at time of damage rendered it uninhabitable, as applicable to existing dwelling.
Proof in all instances that the applicant owner intends to reside in the subject premises personally upon completion of planned construction/repairs/renovations.
Proof of the on-site availability of adequate water supply, sewer and drainage facilities.
The trailer for which the temporary permit is sought shall measure no more than eight feet wide and 30 feet in length, shall be mounted on permanently attached wheels which shall not be removed, shall not be placed on any foundation and shall not be permanently hooked to any utilities, water or septic system, although temporary connection to such on-site facilities shall be required while the trailer is in use.
Upon receipt of an application for such a permit, City Council shall hold a hearing to verify the veracity of the statements contained therein and to determine whether or not such special hardship and need exists as would warrant authorizing such a permit. Council may require the submission of such other proofs or facts as it deems necessary and attach such conditions to any such permit as it finds required.
Such permit, if authorized, shall be issued by the City's Zoning Official. Such permit shall be valid for an initial term of six months and may be renewed two times for three additional months each. Prior to each such renewal, the Zoning Official, with the assistance of the City's Construction Official, shall investigate and determine what progress, if any, the homeowner has made in construction/repair/renovation of his single family dwelling and report such progress to City Council. In the event that City Council determines that the homeowner is not taking appropriate steps to complete construction or reconstruction, Council may void such permit or refuse to issue same.
Any authorized trailer used as temporary living quarters, as provided herein, shall be removed from the lot immediately upon either voiding or lapsing of the permit therefor or within one week of the date a certificate of occupancy for the permanent dwelling is issued, whichever comes first. Failure to so remove shall subject the lot/homeowner to the penalty provisions of § 36-4 and/or removal by the City using applicant's escrow funds.
The applicant shall pay a fee of $25 for issuance of such permit and for each renewal thereof. The applicant shall also deposit with the City the sum of $1,000 to be held in escrow by the City, pending eventual removal of the trailer from the site unless such escrow is waived for special reasons by City Council. Such escrow fund may be expended by the City to pay for removal of the trailer from the site, due to applicant's failure to comply with Subsection F above.
Any person, firm, corporation or other entity who shall violate any term or provision of this chapter shall be subject to fines and penalties as prescribed in Chapter 103 of the Code. For the purposes herein, each twenty-four hour period during which the violation exists shall constitute a separate and distinct violation of this chapter.