City of Camdenton, MO
Camden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Editor's Note: Ord. No. 2124-06 § 1, adopted June 6, 2006, repealed Ch. 505 and enacted new provisions set out herein. Former Ch. 505 derived from Ord. No. 1345-90 § 1, 12-4-1990; Ord. No. 1654-97 § 1, 4-1-1997; Ord. No. 1866-02 § 1, 1-8-2002.
[R.O. 1992 § 505.010; Ord. No. 2124-06 § 1, 6-6-2006; Ord. No. 2467-13 § 1, 6-4-2013]
This Article establishes the minimum regulations governing the safeguarding of life and property from the hazards of fire and explosion arising from the storage, handling and use of hazardous substances, materials and devices; and from conditions hazardous to life or property in the use or occupancy of buildings or premises; known as "The Fire Prevention Code."
[R.O. 1992 § 505.020; Ord. No. 2124-06 § 1, 6-6-2006; Ord. No. 2467-13 § 1, 6-4-2013; Ord. No. 2557-15 § 1, 8-18-2015; Ord. No. 2618-16, 11-15-2016]
As used in this Article, the following terms shall have these prescribed meanings:
The designated fire official who is charged with the administration and enforcement of this code.
The chief officer of the Fire Department serving the City as appointed by the Mayor with advice and consent of the Board of Aldermen.
The City of Camdenton Fire Department or any entity performing such services for the City of Camdenton pursuant to a contract between the parties.
A secure device with a lock operable only by a Fire Department master key and containing building entry keys and other keys that may be required for access in an emergency.
Synonymous with "key box." The only authorized "key box" to be used in the City of Camdenton.
The policy, as established by the City of Camdenton and the Fire Department, to insure prompt emergency access into any building or structure in the event of an emergency without excessive loss of time, life and/or property located within the City of Camdenton.
[R.O. 1992 § 505.030; Ord. No. 2124-06 § 1, 6-6-2006; Ord. No. 2467-13 § 1, 6-4-2013; Ord. No. 2618-16, 11-15-2016]
The following Fire Prevention Code, properly identified as to date and source, is hereby referred to, adopted by the City of Camdenton, Missouri, and made part of this Chapter as if fully set out, with the additions, insertions, deletions and changes, if any, prescribed in Section 500.120, for the control of buildings and structures as herein provided. At least one (1) copy of such code, portion or amendment which is incorporated or adopted by reference shall be filed in the office of the City Clerk and there kept available for public use, inspection, and examination. The filing requirements herein prescribed shall not be deemed to be complied with unless the required copies of such codes, portion, or amendment or public record are filed with the City Clerk for a period of ninety (90) days prior to the adoption of this Article.
International Fire Code 2012, Appendix B, Fire Flow Requirements for Buildings; Appendix H, Hazardous Materials Management Plan and Hazardous Materials Inventory Statement Instructions and Appendix I, Fire Protection Systems-Non Compliant Conditions.
Upon conviction of a violation of any provision of this Article, the violator shall be punished by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500.00) or by imprisonment in the City or County Jail not exceeding ninety (90) days, or by both such fine and imprisonment. Every day any violation of this Article shall continue shall constitute a separate offense.
[R.O. 1992 § 505.040; Ord. No. 2124-06 § 1, 6-6-2006; Ord. No. 2467-13 § 1, 6-4-2013]
The International Fire Code 2012 is hereby revised:
Section 101.1. Insert: the City of Camdenton.
Section 105.6 Required Operational Permits. Delete: 105.6.1, 105.6.3, 105.6.5 through 105.6.7, 105.6.9, 105.6.10, 105.6.11, 105.6.12, 105.6.17, 105.6.18, 105.6.22 through 105.6.29, 105.6.31 through 105.6.33, and 105.6.37 through 105.6.46.
Section 105.7 Required Construction Permits. Delete: 105.7.2 and 105.7.8.
Section 109.4. Delete: "shall be guilty of a [SPECIFY OFFENSE], punishable by a fine of not more than [AMOUNT] dollars or by imprisonment not exceeding [NUMBER OF DAYS], or both such fine or imprisonment."
Insert: shall be subject to penalties as prescribed by law.
[Ord. No. 2618-16, 11-15-2016]
Section 111.4. Insert: one hundred dollars ($100.00); five hundred dollars ($500.00).
Section 307.1.1 Prohibited Open Burning. Insert: Unfavorable conditions: Wind speeds greater than 10 mph, Humidity less than 35%, non-daylight hours.
Section 505.1. Address Identification. Addition: Residential identification shall be a minimum of four (4) inches high with 0.5 inch stroke. Commercial identification shall be a minimum of six (6) inches high with 0.5 inch stroke.
Section 506.1. Addition: All new structures, except one-family, two-family and town house dwellings as defined by the currently adopted residential code, are required to have a key box installed under the direction of the Fire Code Official. In the event of transfer of ownership or control, remodel requiring issuance of a building permit, or lapse of the City business license of such facility, that facility shall be required to install a key box under the direction of the Code and Fire Official.
[Ord. No. 2618-16, 11-15-2016]
Section 506.1 Where Required. Addition: Section 506.1.1.1 Location. Installation shall be within ten (10) feet of the primary fire department entrance at a height no less than seventy-eight (78) inches and no greater than eighty four (84) inches measured to the center of the box. The box shall be visible and accessible at all times.
Section 507.5 Fire Hydrant Systems. Addition: Section 507.5.7 Hydrant Spacing. The maximum distance between fire hydrants shall not exceed six hundred (600) feet or as otherwise determined for fire flow requirements in new developments. No plantings, rock, structures, or any material may be placed within fifteen (15) feet of any public or private fire hydrant that will block the operation, maintenance or view from the road of the hydrant.
Editor's Note: Former Subsection A(11), regarding Section 3103.2 of the International Fire Code 2012, was repealed 11-15-2016 by Ord. No. 2618-16.
Section 5704. Delete in its entirety and insert: Locations where aboveground tanks are prohibited. Storage of Class I and II liquids in above-ground tanks outside of buildings shall be established by Table of NFPA 30.
Section 5706.2A.4. Delete.
[R.O. 1992 § 505.050; Ord. No. 2124-06 § 1, 6-6-2006; Ord. No. 2467-13 § 1, 6-4-2013; Ord. No. 2557-15 § 1, 8-18-2015; Ord. No. 2574-16, 2-2-2016]
Appeals. A party may appeal a decision made pursuant to this Article. Such appeals may be made pursuant to Article IV, Building And Fire Code Board Of Appeals, of this Chapter.
Penalties. Any person who shall fail to comply with the provisions of this Article or with any order by the Mayor issued pursuant thereto and from which no appeal has been taken, or with which such an order as affirmed or modified by the Building and Fire Code Board of Appeals or by a court of competent jurisdiction, within the time fixed therein, shall be fined not less than one hundred dollars ($100.00) or more than five hundred dollars ($500.00). The imposition of one (1) penalty for the violation of such order shall not excuse the violation or permit it to continue. Each day that the violation of this Article remains as a non-complying condition can be construed as a separate offense.
[R.O. 1992 § 505.060; Ord. No. 2124-06 § 1, 6-6-2006; Ord. No. 2467-13 § 1, 6-4-2013]
Nothing in this Article or in the Building Code hereby adopted shall be construed to affect any suit or proceeding impending in any court, or any rights acquired, or liability incurred, or any cause of action acquired or existing under any act or ordinance hereby repealed; nor shall any just or legal right or remedy of any character be lost, impaired or affected by this Article.