City of Bradford, PA
Mckean County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of Bradford: Art. I, 8-12-1971 as Ord. No. 2874; Art. II, 6-11-1974 as Ord. No. 2938. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Administration of government — See Ch. 3.
[Adopted 8-12-1971 as Ord. No. 2874]
The City of Bradford, pursuant to the Administrative Code of 1929, Act of April 9, 1929, P.L. 177, as amended,[1] hereby requests that it be authorized to participate in purchase contracts of the Department of Property and Supplies and any other administrative departments of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania authorized to make direct purchases of materials, supplies and equipment.
Editor's Note: See 71 P.S. § 51 et seq.
The City of Bradford hereby agrees that it will be bound by such terms and conditions as the Department of Property and Supplies and such other administrative departments of the commonwealth may prescribe in regard to such participation.
The city agrees that it will be responsible for payment directly to the vendor under each purchase contract of the city obtained through cooperative purchasing.
All requirements governing competitive bidding and execution of contracts are hereby suspended in regard to the purchase of materials, supplies and equipment through cooperative purchasing.
[Adopted 6-11-1974 as Ord. No. 2938]
The City Council or its authorized representative of the City of Bradford shall act in the capacity of purchasing agent for the city and shall establish a central purchasing service for the various administrative units of the city.
Editor's Note: Amended during codification; see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. II.
[Amended 10-24-1978 by Ord. No. 2993]
All services and personal properties required by the city, or any department thereof, where the amount exceeds the sum of two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.), shall be furnished and performed under written contract, and such contract shall be awarded and given the lowest responsible bidder, after advertisement. Procedures and exceptions shall be in accordance with Section 1901 of the Third Class City Code[1] unless otherwise specified by City Council.
Editor's Note: See 53 P.S. § 36901.
In its capacity as purchasing agent, the City Council or its authorized representative shall:
Maintain lists of qualified vendors.
Insofar as practicable, determine and adopt standards for specific types of merchandise and services required by the city and standard specifications that can be used when seeking bids for merchandise and services.
Maintain proper records of goods and services purchased so as to expedite planning, budgeting, budgetary control, economy in purchasing and savings to the city through the earning of cash discounts.
Maintain records of performance by vendors and those furnishing service.
Provide and maintain, so far as practicable, a central storeroom for the storage of commodities that are used in considerable quantity by several departments of the city government.
Provide and make available to the various departments of city government the necessary forms needed in connection with the purchasing procedure, which shall include but not be limited to purchase orders, requisitions and partial receiving reports.
Editor's Note: Amended during codification; see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. II.
[Amended 10-24-1978 by Ord. No. 2993]
No purchase of goods or services amounting to more than two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.) may be made without prior approval of City Council, and the date of such councilmanic authorization shall be indicated on the requisition.
The purchase of goods or services shall be initiated by filling out, in duplicate, a purchase requisition form, which shall contain the information prescribed by the purchasing agent. One (1) copy thereof shall be forwarded to the Purchasing Department, which shall thereupon process the requisition for price, either as quoted on the requisition or as estimated. The purchasing agent shall then sign the requisition and forward one (1) copy to the City Treasurer, who shall process the requisition for adequate funds, then return it to the Purchasing Department, with or without the required signature and/or appropriate explanation.
If the requisition shall be acceptable and be approved by the City Treasurer, the Purchasing Department shall then prepare a purchase order, in quadruplicate. The original shall be sent to the vendor, one (1) copy shall be retained by the Purchasing Department and the remaining copies shall be transmitted to the ordering department (constituting the receiving report) and the City Treasurer, respectively.
When materials are received by the ordering department, the department head shall sign and date the receiving report and return it to the Purchasing Department. The Purchasing Department shall record the date when received and file the receiving report for payment when funds are available. At the same time, the Purchasing Department shall stamp the receiving date upon its own copy of the purchase order and shall combine both copies for records retention.
In case of an emergency, such as breakdown of equipment, emergency purchases may be made without adhering to the requisition process, provided that the purchasing agent shall determine that an emergency exists, and shall assign an order number to the emergency purchase order. In case the purchasing agent is not available at the time of such an emergency, the assistant purchasing agent shall determine the existence of the emergency and issue the purchase order number.
When possible, the city will give preference to local merchants, but price shall dictate the vendor. As an assurance against favoritism, the Purchasing Department shall retain the prerogative of designating vendors on small purchases where bidding is not involved.