City of Bridgeton, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Adopting Ordinance

AO Adopting Ordinance

Government Code

Chapter 100 General Provisions

Chapter 105 Administration

Chapter 110 Court and Criminal Procedure

Chapter 115 Personnel Rules

Chapter 116 Alcohol and Controlled Substance Use, Abuse and Testing Policy

Chapter 120 Finance

Chapter 121 Sewer Lateral Fee and Repair Program

Chapter 125 Elections and Filing For Elective Office

Chapter 130 Parks and Recreation

Chapter 140 Retirement Plan For Employees

Chapter 142 Pension Commission

Chapter 145 Urban Redevelpment Procedures

Public Health, Safety and Welfare

Chapter 200 Police Department

Chapter 205 Offenses

Chapter 210 Animal Control Code

Chapter 215 Emergency Alarm Systems

Chapter 220 Civil Defense and Disaster Relief

Chapter 225 Health and Sanitation

Chapter 230 Nuisances

Chapter 235 Swimming Pools and Bathing Places

Chapter 240 Pesticide Code

Chapter 245 Refuse Disposal

Chapter 250 Garbage Dumps

Chapter 255 Weeds

Chapter 260 Smoking Regulations

Chapter 265 Discrimination

Traffic Code

Chapter 300 General Provisions

Chapter 305 Regulations At Traffic Signals

Chapter 310 Speed Regulations

Chapter 315 Turning Regulations

Chapter 320 Stop and Yield Regulations

Chapter 325 Parking Regulations

Chapter 330 One-Way Regulations

Chapter 335 Regulations For Pedestrians

Chapter 340 Regulations For Bicyclists

Chapter 345 Passing Regulations

Chapter 350 Regulations For Drivers

Chapter 355 Registration, Licenses, Permits

Chapter 360 Removal of Abandoned Property

Chapter 365 Equipment Regulations

Chapter 370 Miscellaneous Regulations

Schedule I Electric Signals

Schedule II Speed Limits

Schedule III School and Park Speed Limit Zones

Schedule IV Turning and Directional Movement Restrictions

Schedule V Through Highways, Roads or Streets

Schedule VI Stop Intersections

Schedule VII Yield Intersections

Schedule VIII Parking Restrictions

Schedule IX Parking Restrictions On Certain Parking Lots and Private Roadways

Schedule X One-Way Roads, Streets and Alleys

Schedule XI Regulation of The Kinds and Classes of Traffic On Certain Roads

Schedule XII Designated As Snow Routes

Schedule XIII No Right Turn On Red Traffic Signal

Schedule XIV Closed Streets

Schedule XV Fire Lanes - Private Streets

Land Development Code

Title IV Notes Notes and Appendixes

Chapter 400 Subdivision Regulations

Chapter 405 Floodplain Management

Chapter 410 Zoning Regulations

APPENDIX IV-I "B-5" Planned Commercial Districts

APPENDIX IV-II "M-3" Planned Manufacturing Districts

Building and Construction

Chapter 500 Building Code

Chapter 501 International Residential Code 2003

Chapter 505 Unfit Buildings or Structures

Chapter 508 Historic Buildings and Structures

Chapter 509 Reserved

Chapter 510 Existing Residential Structures Code

Chapter 511 Housing Board of Appeals

Chapter 515 Street Graphics and Severability

Chapter 520 Reserved

Chapter 525 County Code Adoptions

Chapter 530 Excavations

Chapter 535 Streets, Sidewalks and Public Works

Chapter 540 Sidewalk and Driveway Entrance Construction and Repair

Chapter 545 Trees and Shrubs

Chapter 550 Stormwater Management Program

Chapter 555 Television and Satellite Dish Antenna Controls

Chapter 556 Renewable Energy Systems on Residentially Zoned Properties

Chapter 560 Public Rights-Of-Way Usage Code

Chapter 561 Rights-Of-Way Permit and User Fees

Chapter 565 Relocation Policy

Chapter 570 Property Assessed Clean Energy District

Business and Occupation

Chapter 600 Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 605 Occupational Licenses Generally

Chapter 610 Merchants, Manufacturers and Service Occupations

Chapter 615 Telephone Service

Chapter 620 Vending and Amusement Machines

Chapter 625 Water, Electric and Gas Service

Chapter 630 Self-Service Laundries and Cleaners

Chapter 635 Cigarettes

Chapter 640 Peddlers, Solicitors and Itinerant Vendors

Chapter 645 Bathhouses and Massage Salons or Parlors

Chapter 650 Tow Trucks

Chapter 655 Reserved

Chapter 660 Food and Food Establishments

Chapter 665 Taxicabs

Chapter 670 Trailer Coach Parks

Chapter 675 Video Service Providers Regulatory Code

Chapter 680 Movie Arcades

Chapter 685 Mobile Food Vendors

Chapter 690 Adult or Sexually-Oriented Establishments

Cross Reference

Chapter CR Cross Reference