Town of Dover, MA
Norfolk County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The following is a list of the material that was included in the 1992 Town of Dover Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, as amended through the Planning Board amendments adopted 12-15-1997 and shows its new location in the 1999 Code of the Town of Dover. Information regarding legislation adopted since 12-15-1997 is included on the Disposition List which immediately follows.
Part and Section of 1992 Bylaws, Rules and Regulations (as amended through 1997) Included in 1999 Code
Part I, Table Showing Origin of the General Bylaws of the Town of Dover
Obsolete; replaced by this Table
Part II, Statutes Adopted by the Town
General Laws and Special Acts
Ch. A266
Part III, General Bylaws
Section I
Town Seal
Ch. 1
Section II
Town Report
Ch. 3
Section III
Town Meetings
Ch. 2, Art. II
Section IV, Fiscal Matters
Paragraphs 1 - 14
Ch. 5, Art. I
Paragraph 15
Licenses and permits
Ch. 5, Art. II
Section V, Town Officers and Committees
Paragraph 1
Town Elections
Ch. 2, Art. I
Paragraphs 2 - 8
Board of Selectmen
Ch. 4, Art. I
Paragraph 9
Ch. 4, Art. II
Paragraph 10
Collector of Taxes
Ch. 4, Art. III
Paragraph 11
Ch. 13
Paragraph 12
Ch. 4, Art. IV
Paragraph 13
Ch. 4, Art. V
Paragraph 14
School Committee
Ch. 4, Art. VII
Paragraph 15
Board of Health
Ch. 4, Art. VIII
Paragraphs 16 - 19
Warrant Committee
Ch. 4, Art. VI
Paragraph 20
Park and Recreation Commission
Ch. 4, Art. IX
Paragraph 21
Tree Committee
Ch. 4, Art. X
Paragraphs 22 - 24
Long-Range Planning Committee
Ch. 4, Art. XI
Paragraphs 25 - 26
Capital Budget Committee
Ch. 4, Art. XII
Paragraph 27
Memorial Day Committee
Ch. 4, Art. XIII
Paragraph 28
Gas Inspector
Ch. 4, Art. XIV
Paragraph 29
Council on Aging
Ch. 4, Art. XV
Paragraph 30
Public Works Advisory Committee
Ch. 4, Art. XVI
Paragraphs 31 - 33
Finance Committee on Roads
Ch. 4, Art. XVII
Section VI, Protection of Public Property
Paragraph 1
Ch. 109
Paragraph 2
Alcoholic beverages
Ch. 80
Paragraph 3
Ch. 112
Paragraph 4
Water pollution
Ch. 177, Art. I
Paragraph 5
Disposal of animal carcasses
Ch. 83, Art. I
Paragraph 6
Ch. 141, Art. I
Paragraph 7
Storage of junk
Ch. 123, Art. I
Paragraph 8
Abandoned and junked vehicles
Ch. 167
Paragraphs 9 - 10
Peddling and soliciting
Ch. 137
Paragraph 11
Recreational vehicles
Ch. 172
Paragraph 12
Delivery of water beyond town limits
Ch. 177, Art. II
Section VII, Public Ways
Paragraphs 1 - 15
General regulations for streets and sidewalks
Ch. 160, Art. I
Paragraphs 16 - 25
Stopping, standing or parking
Ch. 169, Art. I
Paragraph 26
Numbering of buildings
Ch. 89
Section VIII
Town Clerk's fees
Ch. 106, Art. I
Section IX, Public Safety
Paragraph 1
Electric lines
Ch. 100
Paragraph 2
Ch. 83, Art. II
Paragraph 3
Alarm devices
Ch. 77
Section X
Violations and penalties
Ch. 20, Art. I
Section XI
Ch. 183
Section XII
Ch. 44
Section XIII
Groundwater Protection Districts
Ch. 116
Section XIV
Ch. 157, Art. I
Section XV
Demolition review
Ch. 96
Part IV, Zoning Bylaws of the Town of Dover
Zoning Bylaws
Ch. 185
Part V, Subdivision Rules and Regulations
Subdivision of land
Ch. 248
Part VI, Rules and Regulations Governing the Scenic Road Act
Scenic roads
Ch. 245
Part VII, Rules and Regulations Governing the Administration of the Multifamily Zoning Bylaw
Multifamily zoning
Ch. 239
Part VIII, Board of Health Regulations
Section I
Communicable diseases
Ch. 202
Section II
Smoking; sale of tobacco
Ch. 220
Section III
Ch. 233
Section IV
Swimming pools
Ch. 224
Section V
Underground storage tanks
Ch. 230
Section VI
Sewage disposal systems
Ch. 217
Section VII
Ch. 213
Section VIII
Ch. 206
Part IX, Regulations on Residential Driveways and Curb Cuts
Residential driveways and curb cuts
Ch. 256
Part X, Regulations of the Dover Conservation Commission
Wetlands protection
Ch. 263
Part XI, Regulations for Street Excavations
Street excavations
Ch. 259