City of O'Fallon, MO
St. Charles County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — As to oath of office, see §115.010.
Article I General Provisions

Section 110.010 Elective Officers.

Section 110.020 Appointment of Board and Commission Members.

Section 110.030 Appointment of City Committees.

Section 110.040 Compensation.

Article II Mayor

Section 110.050 Election, Term and Qualifications.

Section 110.051 Salary.

Section 110.052 Vacancy in Office, Forfeiture and Removal From Office.

Section 110.053 Mayor's Powers and Duties.

Section 110.054 Assistant To The Mayor.

Section 110.060 through Section 110.070. (Reserved)

Article III City Council

Section 110.080 City Council — Term of Office.

Section 110.090 Qualifications of Council Members — Prohibitions On Other City Employment.

Section 110.100 City Council Compensation.

Section 110.101 Vacancies, Forfeiture of Office, Filling of Vacancies.

Section 110.102 Prohibitions Against Interference.

Section 110.103 Council Apportionment.

Article IV Meetings

Section 110.110 City Council Regular Meetings.

Section 110.120 City Council Special Meetings.

Section 110.130 Attendance At Meetings.

Section 110.135 Mayor To Preside At Meetings — President Pro Tempore, Selection, Duties.

Section 110.140 Mayor's Absence — Calling City Council To Order — Quorum.

Section 110.150 Committees.

Section 110.160 Ordinances and Resolutions.

Section 110.165 Sponsorship of Ordinances.

Section 110.170 Style of Ordinances — Procedure To Enact.

Section 110.180 A Continuous Body.

Section 110.190 Parliamentary Procedure.

Section 110.200 Manner of Addressing City Council — Time Limit.

Section 110.210 Decorum Required.

Section 110.220 Enforcement of Decorum.

Section 110.230 Voting Procedure — Abstention.

Section 110.240 Change of Vote.

Section 110.250 Motion To Reconsider.

Section 110.260 Use of Eminent Domain For Other Than Public Purposes.