City of O'Fallon, MO
St. Charles County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 405.010 General Provisions.

Section 405.015 Hazardous Pipelines.

Article II Rules and Definitions

Section 405.020 Rules Applying To The Text.

Section 405.030 Definitions.

Article III Plat Procedures and Specifications

Section 405.040 Preliminary Plat Procedures.

Section 405.050 Display Home Plat Procedure.

Section 405.060 Record Plat Procedures.

Section 405.070 Grading Plan Process.

Article IV Subdivision Improvements

Section 405.080 Initial Considerations.

Section 405.090 Engineering Drawings of Improvements.

Section 405.100 Construction Plan Requirements.

Section 405.101 Completion of Construction.

Section 405.102 Maintenance and Supervision.

Section 405.104 Variances.

Section 405.110 Performance Guarantee and Development Escrow.

Section 405.120 Inspection of Improvements.

Section 405.125 (Reserved)

Section 405.126 Maintenance Escrow During Building Construction.

Section 405.127 Lot Deposit During Building Construction.

Article V Development Standards

Section 405.130 Initial Considerations.

Section 405.140 through Section 405.170. (Reserved)

Section 405.180 Utility Easement.

Section 405.190 (Reserved)

Section 405.200 Street Name Signs and Street Names.

Section 405.210 Construction Requirements.

Section 405.220 Monuments Required.

Section 405.230 Public Storm Sewers and Other Drainage Appurtenances.

Section 405.240 Stormwater Detention.

Section 405.245 Stormwater Quality Management and Illicit Discharge Control.

Section 405.247 Stormwater Quality — Best Management Practices.

Section 405.250 Sanitary Sewers.

Section 405.260 Water Supply.

Section 405.270 Gas, Wire or Cable Utilities.

Section 405.275 Terraced and Vertical Retaining Walls.

Section 405.280 through Section 405.290. (Reserved)

Section 405.300 Large Lot (One-Half Acre and Larger) Residential Subdivisions.

Section 405.310 Inspection.

Section 405.320 Street Lights.

Section 405.330 through Section 405.360. (Reserved)

Section 405.370 General Street Design Standards.

Section 405.380 Guide For Determining Widths and Type of New Roadways.

Section 405.390 Required Subdivision Design and Improvement Standards — Street Standards.

Section 405.400 through Section 405.490. (Reserved)

Article VI Penalty

Section 405.500 Penalties For Violations.