City of O'Fallon, MO
St. Charles County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Title, Purpose and Legal Clauses

Section 400.010 Title.

Section 400.015 Purpose.

Section 400.020 Validity and Severability Clause.

Section 400.025 Compliance With The Regulations.

Article II Rules and Definitions

Section 400.030 Rules of Construction.

Section 400.035 Definitions.

Article III General Provisions

Section 400.040 Establishment of Districts.

Section 400.045 Changes To Official Zoning Map.

Section 400.050 Authority of Official Zoning Map.

Section 400.055 Replacement of The Official Zoning Map.

Section 400.060 Rules For Interpretation.

Section 400.065 Application of Regulations.

Section 400.070 Scope of Provisions.

Section 400.075 Saving Clause.

Article IV District Regulations

Section 400.080 "R-1" Single-Family Residential District.

Section 400.085 "R-1A" Single-Family Suburban Residential District.

Section 400.090 "R-1B" Single-Family Estates Residential District.

Section 400.095 "R-2" Two-Family Residential District.

Section 400.100 "R-3" Garden Apartment District.

Section 400.105 "R-4" Apartment House District.

Section 400.110 "R-5" Mobile/Manufactured Home Park District.

Section 400.112 "TGD" Transitional Growth District — St. Paul.

Section 400.115 "C-O" Office District.

Section 400.120 "C-1" Restricted Business District.

Section 400.125 "C-2" General Business District.

Section 400.130 "C-3" Highway Commercial District.

Section 400.140 "I-1" Light Industrial.

Section 400.145 "HTCD" High Tech Corridor District.

Section 400.150 "I-2" Heavy Industrial District.

Section 400.155 "AG" Agricultural District.

Section 400.160 "P-R" Park-Recreation District.

Section 400.161 Mixed-Use Traditional Development District.

Section 400.162 Senior Community Overlay District.

Article V Planned Developments and Planned Unit Development

Section 400.165 Definition, Purpose, Designation and Exceptions.

Section 400.170 Types of Planned Developments and The Qualifying Objectives.

Section 400.175 Design Standards.

Section 400.180 Procedures For Review of A Planned Development.

Section 400.185 Area Plan—Application and Submission Requirements.

Section 400.190 Procedure For The Review of An Area Plan.

Section 400.195 Criteria For Approving An Area Plan.

Section 400.200 Effect of The Approval/Denial of An Area Plan.

Section 400.205 Final Plan — Application and Submission Requirements.

Section 400.210 Procedure For The Review of A Final Plan.

Section 400.215 Criteria For Approving A Final Plan.

Section 400.220 Effect of The Approval/Denial of A Final Plan.

Section 400.225 Amendment of An Approved Final Plan.

Section 400.230 Completion, Developer Responsibilities and The Abandonment of A Planned Development.

Section 400.235 Transitional Provisions.

Section 400.236 "PUD" Planned Unit Development.

Section 400.236.1 Authority.

Section 400.236.2 Minimum Lot Area.

Section 400.236.3 Application Procedure.

Section 400.236.4 Information Required-Area Plan.

Section 400.236.5 Procedure For Area Plan Review.

Section 400.236.6 Standards For Area Plan Approval.

Section 400.236.7 Effect of Area Plan Approval.

Section 400.236.8 Information Required Final Plan.

Section 400.236.9 Procedure For Final Plan Review.

Section 400.236.10 Standards For Final Plan Approval.

Section 400.236.11 Effect of Final Plan Approval.

Section 400.236.12 Preservation and Maintenance of Open Space.

Section 400.236.13 Amendment of a "PUD" Project.

Section 400.236.14 Expiration of Approvals.

Section 400.236.15 Extension of Time Limits.

Section 400.236.16 Violations.

Article VI Supplementary District Regulations

Section 400.240 Purpose.

Section 400.250 Pipeline Setbacks.

Section 400.255 Height Exceptions.

Section 400.260 Yard and Setback Exceptions.

Section 400.261 Lot and Street Development Standards.

Section 400.262 Lot Dimensions, Shapes and Position.

Section 400.263 Non-Residential Subdivision (Commercial and Industrial).

Section 400.264 Designation of Private Streets.

Section 400.265 Area Regulations.

Section 400.270 Access Regulations.

Section 400.273 Fencing Standards.

Section 400.275 Accessory Buildings and Structures.

Section 400.277 Exterior Lighting Standards.

Section 400.278 Standards For The Screening of Outdoor Equipment.

Section 400.280 Home Occupations.

Section 400.285 Temporary Uses.

Section 400.290 Number of Buildings Permitted Per Lot.

Section 400.295 Condominiums.

Section 400.296 Regulations For Group Home Providers.

Section 400.298 Requirements For Developers, Owners and Operators of Multi-Family Housing.

Section 400.299 Regulations For Developers, Owners and Operators of Commercial or Industrial Business Establishments.

Article VII Conditional Uses

Section 400.300 Purpose.

Section 400.305 Authority To Grant Conditional Use Permits.

Section 400.307 Amendment To A Conditional Use Permit.

Section 400.308 Transfer of A Conditional Use Permit.

Section 400.310 Application Fees, Sign Posting and Notification Requirements.

Section 400.315 Information Required in Application.

Section 400.320 Processing Procedures For Conditional Use Permits.

Section 400.325 Action By The Planning and Zoning Commission/City Council.

Section 400.327 Acceptance of Conditions of Approval.

Section 400.329 Appeal.

Section 400.330 Additional Development Requirements of Certain Uses.

Section 400.333 Exemptions Relating To Amendments To Appendix "A" — Listing of Permitted and Conditionally Permitted Land Uses.

Section 400.334 Suspension and Revocation.

Article VIII Non-Conforming Uses

Section 400.335 Purpose.

Section 400.340 Non-Conforming Uses of Lots.

Section 400.345 Non-Conforming Buildings and Structures.

Section 400.350 Non-Conforming Uses of Buildings and Structures.

Section 400.353 Setback Allowances Due To Public Encroachment.

Section 400.355 Repairs and Maintenance.

Section 400.360 Change of Tenancy or Ownership.

Section 400.365 Completion of Pending Construction and Building Permits.

Section 400.370 Conditional Uses.

Section 400.375 Substandard Non-Conforming Lots of Record.

Section 400.380 Existence of A Non-Conforming Use.

Section 400.385 Non-Conforming Uses Not Validated.

Section 400.390 Joint Use of Buildings, Structures and/or Land.

Section 400.393 Exemptions Relating To Amendments To Appendix "A" — Listing of Permitted and Conditionally Permitted Land Uses.

Article IX Prohibited Uses

Section 400.395 Purpose.

Section 400.400 Regulations.

Article X (Reserved)

Section 400.405 through Section 400.430. (Reserved)

Article XI Planning and Zoning Commission

Section 400.435 Authority To Make A Municipal Plan.

Section 400.440 City Planning and Zoning Commission Created — Membership.

Section 400.445 Officers, Terms and Vacancies.

Section 400.450 Meetings, Rules, Records To Be Kept.

Section 400.455 Funds — Appropriations of.

Section 400.460 Duties of Commission.

Section 400.465 Recommendations of The Commission.

Article XII Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements

Section 400.470 Purpose.

Section 400.475 Applicability.

Section 400.480 Off-Street Automobile Parking Space Requirements.

Section 400.485 Accessible Parking Space Requirements.

Section 400.490 Bicycle Parking Requirements.

Section 400.495 General Provisions.

Section 400.500 Alternative Parking Space Requirement Study.

Section 400.505 Shared Parking Plan.

Section 400.510 Parking Lot Plan Design Requirements.

Section 400.512 Off-Street Loading Requirements.

Article XIII Performance Standards

Section 400.515 General Provisions.

Section 400.520 Fire Hazard.

Section 400.523 Metal Siding.

Section 400.525 Radioactivity, Electrical or Radio-Electrical Disturbance.

Section 400.530 Vibration.

Section 400.535 Smoke.

Section 400.540 Odor.

Section 400.545 Air Pollution.

Section 400.550 Glare.

Section 400.555 Noise.

Section 400.560 Water Pollution.

Section 400.563 Enforcement.

Article XIV Site Plan Review

Section 400.565 Purpose.

Section 400.570 Buildings, Structures and Uses Requiring Site Plan Approval.

Section 400.575 Application and Fee.

Section 400.580 Required Data For Site Plan.

Section 400.585 Standards For Site Plan Review.

Section 400.590 Approval of Site Plan.

Section 400.592 Effect of Denial of A Site Plan.

Section 400.595 Expiration of Site Plan Approval.

Section 400.600 Revision of Site Plan.

Section 400.605 (Reserved)

Section 400.610 Violations.

Article XV Administration and Enforcement

Section 400.615 Purpose.

Section 400.620 Administration.

Section 400.625 Duties of The Code Enforcement Officer.

Section 400.630 Certificates of Zoning Compliance.

Section 400.635 Voiding of Certificate of Zoning Compliance.

Section 400.640 Building Permits.

Section 400.645 Voiding of Building Permit.

Section 400.650 Schedule of Fees, Costs and Expenses.

Section 400.655 Violations and Penalties.

Section 400.660 Compliance With Permits and Certificates.

Article XVI Amendment Procedure

Section 400.665 Zoning District Amendments and Text Amendments.

Section 400.670 Information Required in Amendment Procedure.

Section 400.675 Processing Procedures For Zoning Amendments.

Section 400.680 Findings of Fact Required.

Section 400.685 Public Hearing Notification and Sign Posting Requirements.

Article XVII Board of Adjustment

Section 400.690 Establishment.

Section 400.695 Membership.

Section 400.700 Meeting and Voting.

Section 400.705 Powers and Duties.

Section 400.710 Application To Board of Adjustment.

Section 400.715 Performance.

Section 400.720 Appeal of Board of Adjustment Decision.

Section 400.722 Effect of Denial of An Application By The Board of Adjustment.

Article XVIII Regulations For Wireless Telecommunication Facilities

Section 400.800 Purpose.

Section 400.810 Definitions.

Section 400.820 Review Process For Wireless Telecommunication Facilities.

Section 400.830 Wireless Telecommunication Facilities in Residential Zoning Districts.

Section 400.840 Wireless Telecommunication Facilities in Commercial, High-Tech, Mixed-Use, Agricultural and Parks and Recreation Zoning Districts.

Section 400.850 Wireless Telecommunication Facilities in Industrial Zoning Districts.

Section 400.855 Collocations and Replacements Not Deemed Substantial Modifications.

Section 400.860 Regulations Pertaining To Wireless Telecommunication Facilities.

Section 400.870 Application Requirements For Wireless Telecommunication Facilities.

Section 400.875 Installation of Antenna on Certified Historic Structure.

Article XIX Utility Facilities Permits and Regulations

Section 400.880 Facilities Permits.

Section 400.890 Facilities Regulations.

Article XX Renewable Energy

Section 400.900 Purpose.

Section 400.910 Definitions.

Section 400.920 General Provisions.

Section 400.930 Solar Energy Systems.

Section 400.940 Application Requirements For Solar Energy Systems.

Section 400.950 Geothermal Systems.

Section 400.955 Application Requirements For Geothermal Systems.

Section 400.960 Small Wind Energy Systems.

Section 400.970 Application Requirements For Small Wind Energy Systems.

Section 400.980 Applicability.

Section 400.990 Abandonment.