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City of O'Fallon, MO
St. Charles County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 5516 §1, 10-22-2009]
In accord with the directives and authority of the City Charter, the City of O'Fallon shall:
Recruit qualified individuals from all segments of society and select employees on the basis of merit after fair and open competition which assures that all receive equal opportunity.
Treat employees and applicants fairly and equitably, independent of political affiliation, race, color, national origin, gender, martial status, age or handicapping condition, and with proper regard for their privacy and constitutional rights.
Provide equal pay for equal work and recognize excellent performance.
Maintain high standards of integrity, conduct and concern for the public interest.
Manage employees efficiently and effectively.
Educate and train employees when it will result in better organizational or individual performance.
Protect employees from arbitrary action, personal favoritism or coercion for partisan political purposes.
[Ord. No. 5516 §1, 10-22-2009]
The Employee Reference Guide, revised and dated September, 2009, is hereby adopted to provide a comprehensive personnel system for City Officers and employees and as the employee reference handbook for all O'Fallon employees subject to its provisions. In accord with Section 6.2(B) of the City Charter, the Employee Reference Guide may be supplemented, amended, revised and updated from time to time by the City Administrator and Human Resources Director to comply with Federal and/or State laws or to reflect and incorporate changes to City policy that are not inconsistent with the Charter and which have been adopted or approved by the Mayor and Council. Current copies of the Employee Reference Guide are to be provided to all City employees.
[Ord. No. 5516 §1, 10-22-2009; Ord. No. 5592.1 §1, 5-27-2010]
There is hereby established a Personnel Board consisting of the Mayor and members of the City Council.
The Personnel Board shall hear timely appeals filed by full-time, non-probationary employees arising from disciplinary employment actions resulting in termination, suspension without pay or demotion with reduction in pay in accord with the provisions of the Charter. Appeals shall be limited to those individual employment actions which are implemented for disciplinary purposes or reasons and the Personnel Board shall solely determine:
Whether the employee is guilty of the transgression that motivated the disciplinary action, and
The appropriateness of the disciplinary action.
Except as provided for in this Subsection, all other administrative actions falling within the City Administrator's discretionary authority to organize and manage the City's workforce, which are not motivated by or premised upon discipline, are not subject to Personnel Board consideration.
The Personnel Board shall review the matter in a closed session and issue a written decision within a reasonable time.
Appeals to the Personnel Board shall not include general, departmental or City-wide actions as a result of overall reduction in staff or a budget decision by the City.