City of Creve Coeur, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 2008 §16-55 — 16-75; Ord. No. 977 §1(2.3 — 2.4, 2.6 — 2.23, 8.7), 1-5-1981]
The office of City Traffic Engineer is established. The City Administrator or other designated City Official shall serve as City Traffic Engineer in addition to his/her other functions and shall exercise the powers and duties with respect to traffic as provided in this Title.
The City Traffic Engineer shall make recommendations regarding the installation and proper timing and maintenance of traffic control devices, conduct engineering analyses of traffic accidents and devise remedial measures, conduct engineering investigation of traffic conditions, plan the operation of traffic on the streets and highways of the City, and cooperate with other City Officials in the development of ways and means to improve traffic conditions, and carry out the additional powers and duties imposed by ordinances of the City.
Authority To Enter Into Agreements With Landowners For Enforcement Of Traffic Regulations On Privately Or Publicly Owned Land. The City may upon application of an owner or lessor of land, either publicly or privately owned, open to vehicular traffic by the public and used by the public as a thoroughfare with such thoroughfare paved, marked and delineated, enter into an agreement with such owner or lessor to extend the enforcement of traffic regulations to such thoroughfares without requiring the owner to file a plat of the land and/or to dedicate to the City such thoroughfare as a street; provided that the City shall not be responsible for the maintenance or condition of such thoroughfare and shall retain the power to terminate the agreement at will.
Authority To Install Traffic Control Devices. The City Administrator or his/her designated representative shall place and maintain traffic control signs, signals and devices when and as required under this Chapter to make effective its provisions and may place and maintain such additional traffic control devices as are deemed necessary to regulate traffic under this Chapter or State law or to guide or warn traffic.
State Law References — Similar provisions, §§300.130, 300.200(1), 300.220(1), 300.225, 300.250, 300.260, 300.265, 300.465, 300.480, 300.485, RSMo.
The Chief of Police by and with the approval of the City Traffic Engineer is hereby empowered to make regulations necessary to make effective the provisions of the traffic ordinances of the City and to make and enforce temporary or experimental regulations to cover emergencies or special conditions. No such temporary or experimental regulation shall remain in effect for more than ninety (90) days.
The City Traffic Engineer may test traffic control devices under actual conditions of traffic.