City of Creve Coeur, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Light Regulations

Section 365.010 When Lights Required.

Section 365.020 Headlamp On Motor Vehicles.

Section 365.030 Multiple-Beam Headlamps — Arrangement.

Section 365.040 Dimming of Lights - When.

Section 365.050 Taillamps - Reflectors.

Section 365.060 Auxiliary Lamps - Number - Location.

Section 365.070 Cowl, Fender, Running Board and Backup Lamps.

Section 365.080 Spotlamps.

Section 365.090 Colors of Various Lamps — Restriction of Red Lights.

Section 365.100 Limitations On Lamps Other Than Headlamps — Flashing Signals Prohibited Except On Specified Vehicles.

Section 365.110 Limitation On Total of Lamps Lighted At One Time.

Section 365.120 Other Vehicles — How Lighted.

Section 365.130 Animal-Driven Vehicles — Lighting Requirements — Penalty.

Section 365.135 Penalty For Violations.

Article II Other Vehicle Equipment

Section 365.140 Other Equipment of Motor Vehicles.

Section 365.150 Loads Which Might Become Dislodged To Be Secured — Failure — Penalty.

Section 365.160 Dumping or Spilling Debris From Tires of Vehicles.

Section 365.170 Use of Safety Belts.

Section 365.180 Passenger Restraint System Required For Children Less Than Eight Years of Age.

Section 365.190 Vision-Reducing Material Applied To Windshield or Windows Without Permit Prohibited — Penalty — Rules — Procedure.

Section 365.200 Studded Tires — Prohibited When.

Section 365.210 Restriction On Use of Metal-Tired Vehicles.

Section 365.220 Passengers in Trucks.

Section 365.230 Altering Passenger Motor Vehicle By Raising Front or Rear of Vehicle Prohibited, When — Bumpers Front and Rear Required, When Certain Vehicles Exempt.

Section 365.240 Trucks or Truck-Tractor-Trailers — Fenders or Mudflaps Required.

Article III Additional City Equipment Provisions

Section 365.250 Mechanical or Electrical Signal Devices Required.

Section 365.260 Mechanically Defective Motor Vehicles.

Section 365.270 Safety Glass.

Section 365.280 Windshield — Wipers — Windows.