City of Creve Coeur, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Establishment of Zoning and Authority

Section 405.010 Short Title.

Section 405.020 Purpose and Intent.

Section 405.030 Interpretation.

Section 405.040 Applicability.

Section 405.050 Severability.

Section 405.060 through Section 405.100. (Reserved)

Article II Language and Definitions

Section 405.110 Rules For Interpreting Language.

Section 405.120 Definition of Terms.

Section 405.130 through Section 405.170. (Reserved)

Article III Zoning District Regulations

Section 405.180 Establishment of Districts.

Section 405.190 Official Zoning District Map.

Section 405.200 Annexation.

Section 405.210 Regulation of Uses.

Section 405.220 Building Use Limitations.

Section 405.230 Establishment of Size, Dimension and Access Criteria.

Section 405.240 Setbacks and Building Lines.

Section 405.250 "A" Single-Family Residential District.

Section 405.260 "B" Single-Family Residential District.

Section 405.270 "C" Single-Family Residential District.

Section 405.280 "D" Single-Family Residential District.

Section 405.290 "AR" Attached Single-Family Residential District.

Section 405.300 "HE" Higher Education District.

Section 405.310 "PH" Planned Hospital District.

Section 405.320 "PO" Planned Office District.

Section 405.330 "RO" Research and Office Park District.

Section 405.340 "MX" Mixed Use District.

Section 405.350 "PC" Planned Community District.

Section 405.360 "GC" General Commercial District.

Section 405.370 "CB" Core Business District.

Section 405.380 "LI" Light Industrial District.

Section 405.390 Planned Zoning Districts.

Section 405.400 through Section 405.440. (Reserved)

Article IV Standards For Permitted, Accessory and Conditional Uses

Section 405.450 Permitted Uses.

Section 405.460 Accessory Uses and Structures.

Section 405.470 Conditional Uses.

Section 405.480 Temporary Uses.

Section 405.490 through Section 405.530. (Reserved)

Article V Resource Protection Standards

Section 405.540 Landscaping.

Section 405.550 Environmental Performance Standards.

Section 405.560 through Section 405.600. (Reserved)

Article VI General Provisions

Section 405.610 Non-Conformities.

Section 405.620 Height Exceptions and Limitations.

Section 405.630 Yard Regulations.

Section 405.640 Fences And Walls.

Section 405.650 Temporary Buildings.

Section 405.660 Parking or Storage of Vehicles.

Section 405.670 Required Corner Visibility.

Section 405.680 Lighting.

Section 405.690 Utility Facilities.

Section 405.700 Dedication of Public Parks and Open Space.

Section 405.710 Private Usable Open Space.

Section 405.720 Submission of Trust Indenture.

Section 405.730 Sidewalks.

Section 405.740 through Section 405.780. (Reserved)

Article VII Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations

Section 405.790 Applicability.

Section 405.800 General Provisions.

Section 405.810 Design and Maintenance Standards.

Section 405.820 Required Off-Street Parking Spaces.

Section 405.830 Parking Garages.

Section 405.840 Accessible Parking Requirements.

Section 405.850 Off-Street Loading Requirements.

Section 405.860 through Section 405.900. (Reserved)

Article VIII Sign Regulations

Section 405.910 Purpose and Intent.

Section 405.920 Sign Permits.

Section 405.930 General Provisions.

Section 405.940 Signs in Residential Districts.

Section 405.950 Signs in Non-Residential Districts.

Section 405.960 Enforcement and Sign Removal.

Section 405.970 Variances.

Section 405.980 through Section 405.990. (Reserved)

Article VIII-A Sexually Oriented Businesses

Section 405.1000 Sexually Oriented Businesses.

Section 405.1010 through Section 405.1020. (Reserved)

Article IX Administration

Section 405.1030 Planning and Zoning Commission.

Section 405.1040 Board of Adjustment.

Section 405.1050 Zoning Administrator.

Section 405.1060 Zoning Changes and Text Amendments.

Section 405.1070 Conditional Use Permits.

Section 405.1080 Site Concept, Site Development and Minor Site Plan Approval.

Section 405.1090 through Section 405.1100. (Reserved)

Section 405.1110 Variances and Appeals.

Section 405.1120 Publication of Notice of Hearings — Signs.

Section 405.1130 Fees.

Section 405.1140 Enforcement.

Section 405.1150 Violations and Penalties.