City of Creve Coeur, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Charter Reference — Powers generally, §2.1.
Cross References — Health and sanitation, ch. 215; leaving animals in locked vehicle, §355.090.
Article I In General

Section 205.010 Definitions.

Article II Restrictions On Domestic Animals Other Than Dogs and Cats

Section 205.020 Restrictions On Goats, Hogs, Sheep, Horses, Mules and Cattle.

Section 205.030 Restrictions On Horses.

Section 205.035 Restrictions On Chicken Hens.

Article III Dogs and Cats

Section 205.040 Vaccination Requirements.

Section 205.050 Leashing Requirements.

Article IV Animal Regulations

Section 205.060 Limitations On Number Kept.

Section 205.070 Animal Defecation On Private Property, Condominium Common Element and Public Property Prohibited.

Section 205.080 Noises and Noxious Odors.

Section 205.090 Impoundment Authorized.

Section 205.100 Location of Impoundment Facility.

Section 205.110 Release of Impounded Dogs and Cats Not Affected With Rabies.

Section 205.120 Disposal of Impounded Dogs and Cats.

Section 205.130 Diseased or Injured Animals.

Section 205.140 Confinement of Animals That Have Bitten A Human or Have Been Exposed To or Are Suspected of Having Been Exposed To Rabies.

Section 205.150 Rabies To Be Reported.

Section 205.160 Quarantine.

Section 205.165 No Supplemental Feeding of Deer.

Article V Dangerous Animal

Section 205.170 Classification.

Section 205.180 Actions Required of Owners of Dangerous Animals.

Section 205.190 Guard Dogs.

Section 205.200 Exemption To Dangerous Animal Classification.

Article VI Cruelty To Animals — Abandonment

Section 205.210 Prohibited Acts.

Section 205.220 Tethering — Prohibited Conduct.

Article VII Enforcement

Section 205.230 Right of Entry — Running At Large.

Section 205.240 Right of Entry — Quarantine Area.

Section 205.250 Interference With Enforcement Officials.

Section 205.260 through Section 205.290. (Reserved)

Article VIII Deer Control Policy and Hunting Regulations

Section 205.300 Definitions.

Section 205.305 Regulations.

Section 205.310 Specific Actions Prohibited/Required.

Section 205.315 Deer Retrieval.

Section 205.320 Field Cleaning.