City of Blue Springs, MO
Jackson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 1996 § 215.140; CC 1968 § 4-33; Ord. No. 1136 § 2, 2-1-1982; Ord. No. 2493 § 9, 9-19-1994; Ord. No. 4385 § 1, 4-2-2012]
No person shall own, keep or harbor any dog or cat over four (4) months of age within the City limits unless such animal has been vaccinated against rabies within the last twelve (12) months with rabies vaccine effective for annual vaccinations or within the last three (3) years if previously vaccinated with vaccine with an effective vaccination duration of three (3) years per the manufacturer's warranty and the recommendation of a veterinarian, and has been issued a receipt and tag from a licensed veterinarian as herein provided, which tag shall reflect the effective duration of the vaccination and which tag the dog or cat shall wear at all times.
[R.O. 1996 § 215.150; CC 1968 § 4-19; Ord. No. 1136 § 2, 2-1-1982]
No person shall use for any dog or cat a tag issued for a different dog or cat.