City of Richmond Heights, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — As to dangerous buildings as a nuisance, see ch. 510; as to graffiti, see §220.080; as to prostitution houses deemed a nuisance, see §215.700.
Article I Generally

Section 220.010 Definitions.

Section 220.020 Nuisances Prohibited.

Section 220.030 Abatement of Nuisance — Removal — Cost.

Section 220.035 Collection of Nuisance Fees.

Section 220.040 Procedure in Cases of Immediate or Imminent Danger.

Section 220.050 Debris Defined.

Section 220.060 Notice.

Section 220.070 Violation Is An Offense.

Section 220.080 Graffiti On Public or Private Property Prohibited — Definitions — Notice of Removal — Failure To Comply — Costs — Penalty.

Section 220.090 Enforcement of Nuisance Abatement Provisions.

Section 220.095 Certification of Costs As Liens.

Article II Abandoned Property and Open Storage of Inoperable Vehicles

Section 220.100 Definitions.

Section 220.110 Abandoned Motor Vehicle  — Last Owner Of Record Deemed The Owner of Abandoned Motor Vehicle, Procedures — Penalty — Civil Liability.

Section 220.120 Open Storage of Inoperable Vehicles or Public Safety Hazards Prohibited.

Section 220.130 Obstructing The Flow of Traffic Prohibited.

Section 220.140 Towing of Abandoned Property On Public Real Property.

Section 220.150 Towing of Abandoned Property On Private Real Property.

Section 220.160 General Provisions and Procedures.

Section 220.170 Maximum Charges.

Section 220.180 Sale of Abandoned Property By City.

Article III Weeds, Grass or Other Vegetation

Section 220.190 Weeds or Rank Vegetation Growth.

Article IV Continuing Nuisances

Section 220.200 Definition.

Section 220.210 Notification.

Section 220.220 Abatement of Nuisance.

Section 220.230 Determination of Nuisance.

Section 220.240 Responsibility.

Section 220.250 Abatement of Nuisance — Entry To Property.

Section 220.260 Discharge of Duties.

Section 220.270 Violation Is An Offense.

Section 220.280 Enforcement.

Section 220.290 Notification.

Section 220.300 Notice.

Section 220.310 Accountability.

Section 220.320 Failure To Abate — Costs.