City of Richmond Heights, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — As to dangerous buildings, see ch. 510; as to flood damage prevention, see ch. 415.
Article I Building Official

Section 505.010 Building Official Designated.

Article II Building Permits — Review When — Appeal

Section 505.020 Referral of Application To Planning and Zoning Commission.

Section 505.030 Planning and Zoning Commission Hearing — Evidence Taken — Purpose.

Section 505.035 Additional Review Criteria For In-Fill Housing.

Section 505.040 Application Approval or Disapproval — Return Without Decision.

Section 505.050 Issuance of Permit — Procedure.

Section 505.060 Permit Denial — Conditions.

Section 505.070 Appeal For Denial of Building Permit — Procedure — Fee.

Section 505.080 Council Hearing On Denial of Building Permit — Procedure — Record.

Article III Inspections, Fees, Reports of Violations

Section 505.090 Additional Inspections.

Section 505.100 Fees — Permit, Inspection and Occupancy.

Section 505.110 License Fee — Deposit — Exception — Revocation.

Section 505.120 Inspections and Reports of Violations.

Article IV General Building Regulations

Section 505.130 Pavement, Defined.

Section 505.140 Pavement Design Criteria and Standards.

Section 505.150 Fences — Requirements and Limitations — Exception.

Section 505.160 Off-Street Parking Requirements Parking Layout Diagram Surface Parking Facilities:

Section 505.170 Material Storage — Exterior.

Section 505.180 Floodlighting — Definition — Requirements — Nuisance.

Section 505.190 Abandoned or Vacant Buildings.

Section 505.200 Boarding Up Buildings.

Section 505.210 through Section 505.290. (Reserved)

Article V Property Maintenance For Construction Sites

Section 505.300 Maintenance of Site During Construction.