City of Richmond Heights, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 520.010 Obstructing Streets Prohibited.

Section 520.020 Depositing Substances in Streets Prohibited.

Section 520.030 Debris in Gutters Prohibited.

Section 520.040 Obstruction To Vision Near Intersections — Building Line.

Section 520.050 Obstruction To Water Drainage.

Section 520.060 Obstructions of Sidewalks, Gutters and Tree Lawn Areas.

Section 520.070 Sidewalks — Removal of Dirt and Snow.

Section 520.080 Placing Merchandise On Sidewalks — Time Limit.

Section 520.090 Hedges Along Sidewalks — Height Limit.

Section 520.100 Damaging Streets Prohibited.

Section 520.110 Numbering On Streets — Rules — Clerk.

Section 520.120 Numbering — Method of Computation.

Section 520.130 Rectifying Lines or Points — Established — Listings.

Article II Construction, Excavation and Use of Streets

Section 520.140 Construction of Streets and Alleys — Permit.

Section 520.150 Construction of Street or Alley — Rules and Regulations.

Section 520.160 Emergencies.

Section 520.170 Temporary Street Closing.

Section 520.180 Prohibition of Use of Streets To Repair Vehicles.

Article III Deposits

Section 520.190 Purpose of Deposits.

Section 520.200 Article Not Applicable.

Section 520.210 Supplemental To Other Regulations.

Section 520.220 Deposits Required When Project May Damage or Litter Street.

Section 520.230 When Deposit To Be Made.

Section 520.240 Building Permit Not Valid Unless Deposit Made.

Section 520.250 Deposits To Be Turned Over To City Manager.

Section 520.260 Damages To Be Repaired By Depositor or Property Owner — When Work Done By City.

Section 520.270 All Rights-Of-Way Shall Be Cleaned As Work Progresses.

Section 520.280 Deposit or Balance To Be Returned.

Section 520.290 Certification of Costs As Liens.

Article IV Vacation Procedure

Section 520.300 General.

Section 520.310 Definition.

Section 520.320 Petition For Vacation.

Section 520.330 Notice To Interested Parties.

Section 520.340 Public Notice.

Section 520.350 Comments From Utilities.

Section 520.360 Review By Planning and Zoning Commission and Traffic Committee.

Section 520.370 Vacation By Ordinance.

Section 520.380 Applicability.

Section 520.390 through Section 520.490. (Reserved)

Article V Rights-of-Way Usage Code

Section 520.500 Title.

Section 520.510 Definitions and Word Usage.

Section 520.520 Registration of Person(s) Having Facilities Within The Row.

Section 520.530 Registration Procedures.

Section 520.540 Rights-of-Way ("ROW") Permits.

Section 520.550 Work in The Rights-of-Way.

Section 520.560 Open Books and Records.

Section 520.570 Rental Fees.

Section 520.580 Insurance — Surety — Indemnification — Penalties.

Section 520.590 Appeals.

Section 520.600 Miscellaneous Provisions.

Article VI Additional Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 520.610 Regulation of Portable On Demand Storage Units.

Section 520.620 Regulation of Dumpsters.