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City of Richmond Heights, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1984 §§6-6, 24-20; Rev. M.C. 1963 Ch. 26; Rev. M.C. 1963 §51.72; Ord. No. 2953 §1, 4-6-1970; Ord. No. 3140 §§6-6, 24-3; Ord. No. 4235 §15, 9-6-1988; Ord. No. 4545 §1, 6-6-1994]
There is created a Violations Bureau to consist of the Court Clerk or his/her designee in the office of administration.
The Violations Bureau shall assist the Police Department and the City Manager in regulating traffic in the City and the payment of fines and court costs by offenders for violation of municipal ordinances.
The office of the Violations Bureau shall be as designated by the City Manager
Any person charged with an offense or parking violation for which payment of a fine may be made to the Violations Bureau as determined by the Municipal Judge or by the provisions of this Vehicles and Traffic Code shall have the option of paying such fine at the Violations Bureau within the time specified in the notice of arrest, if any, or within the time specified in Article II, Section 350.250 of Chapter 350 after notice of a parking violation has been given upon entering a plea of guilty and upon waiving appearance in court; or may have the option of depositing required lawful bail and, upon a plea of not guilty, shall be entitled to a trial as authorized by law.
The payment of a fine to the Violations Bureau shall be deemed an acknowledgment of conviction of the alleged offense; and the Violations Bureau, upon accepting the prescribed fine, shall issue a receipt to the violator acknowledging payment thereof.
The following duties are imposed upon the Violations Bureau in reference to traffic offenses and parking violations:
It shall accept designated fines, issue receipts, and represent in court such violators as are permitted and desire to plead guilty, waive court appearance, and give power of attorney;
It shall receive and issue receipts for cash bail from the persons who must or wish to be heard in court, enter the time of their appearance on the court docket, and notify the arresting officer and witnesses, if any, to be present.
The Violations Bureau shall keep records and submit summarized bimonthly reports to the Municipal Judge of all notices issued and arrests made for violations of the traffic and parking laws and ordinances in the City and of all the fines collected by the Violations Bureau or the court, and of the final disposition or present status of every case of violation of the provisions of said laws and ordinances. Such records shall be so maintained as to show all types of violations and totals of each. The records shall be public records.
Duties Concerning Animal Regulations. The Violations Bureau shall have and perform the following duties in cases involving violations of Chapter 210 of this Code as follows:
Accept payment of designated fines, penalties and issue receipts therefor;
Maintain records of all violations of this Chapter of which each person has been guilty during the preceding sixty (60) months whether such guilt was established in court or by payment of a fine in and to the Violations Bureau; and
File with the Police Department copies of the records of all cases involving violations of this Chapter irrespective of guilt and the disposition of each case.
[CC 1984 §24-21; Ord. No. 3140 §24-4; Ord. No. 4545 §1, 6-6-1994]
The Municipal Judge may by order, which may from time to time be amended, supplemented or repealed, designate the traffic offenses and parking violations within the authority of the Violations Bureau, provided that such designated offenses and violations shall in no event include traffic cases involving property damage or personal injury; operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs or permitting another person under such influence to operate a motor vehicle owned by the defendant or in his/her custody or control; speeding in excess of twenty (20) miles an hour above the legal speed limit; any second (2nd) moving violation in a one (1) year period; driving without a license but not driving with an expired license when within sixty (60) days after its expiration; driving when the driver's license is suspended or revoked; or leaving the scene of an accident. Overtime parking within the meaning of Article II, Section 350.230 of Chapter 350 shall be within the authority of the Violations Bureau.
The court, by published order to be prominently posted in the place where the fines are to be paid, shall specify by suitable schedules the amount of fines to be imposed for first (1st) and subsequent offenses, including fees and penalties for late or delinquent payment thereof, and designating each offense specifically in the schedules, provided such fines, fees and penalties are within the limits declared by law. Fines and costs shall be paid to, receipted by and accounted for by the Violations Bureau in accordance with this Article.